31Every person with a kitchen dreams of having a perfectly organized and beautiful pantry. Many people believe that this is a pipe dream, one that is impossible for the average person to achieve. We’re here to show you that it’s not impossible — there are a few key steps you can take to making this dream a reality!


One of the worst things about cluttered pantries is the fact that you lose valuable stuff at the very back, behind dozens of other things. This is the typical pantry: cluttered and layered with tons of things, generally in the order of the most recently used. Perhaps you didn’t even realize this was a problem until you tried cleaning it out and was shocked by the ages of the things towards the backs of the shelves.


The way to prevent this from happening is by revamping the way your pantry is designed. It needs to have a wide opening with a shallow inside, rather than a narrow opening with a deep inside. It will let you see the entire pantry all at once, including everything that is stored in it. You can access all the items you need without the frustration, hassle, and loss of time and money. What could be better?

Clever storage

The thing many people don’t like about their pantries is how ugly and out of place they often are. Or, worse yet, they are located far away from the kitchen stove and counter space, making them inconvenient to use anyway. The beauty of placing your pantry is that it can take up any space that you have left in your kitchen, or a spot that isn’t used efficiently.


For example, the end of a run of cabinetry generally is used poorly (or not at all). This is the perfect location for a narrow pull-out pantry with things like baking ingredients, spices, and other commonly used food items. The outside can match the rest of your kitchen, making the entire space look cohesive and put together.

Creative shelving

Don’t be afraid to get your hands greasy with some cleverly stored shelving units in a small amount of space. Remember rule number one: you always need to have it be accessible — so if you just have one narrow but deep cabinet area as your pantry, you’re going to need to get creative. Spinning and sliding shelves will do the trick, making everything readily available in one or two fluid motions.


The key to this method is to use up every square inch of space possible. Install shallow racks on the insides of the doors to hold spices and other small things. Then use the rest of it for the bigger items, with the cool rotating shelves. When in doubt, consult with a cabinet maker to see what the possibilities are.

You don’t have to hide

A common misconception is that food pantries need to always be shut away, not letting anyone see the chaos that’s inside. That, however, is not necessarily the case. Some people simply don’t have storage that is hidden and available as a food pantry so they may have to display the food items loud and proud – and there’s nothing wrong with this. Use a few key features to make it look fancy, as if you meant it all to look that way. White shelves and a decorative light fixture will add elegance.

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