Wall Bed

If you’re low on space, a Wall bed can be the greatest possible addition to your home. This creative solution can be useful for many kinds of people and lifestyles. A customized Wall bed can be even better than your standard Wall bed because it can be designed to fit perfectly in your home. It also can fulfill a wide variety of your needs, including storage and workspace as well as being a cozy bed.






If you live in a small, San Antonio studio apartment in, where one room has to serve many purposes, a Wall bed can open up your space. It also makes it possible to have both a cozy bedroom and an awesome space for entertaining. Your wall bed can be surrounded by a custom designed space so that you have plenty of space to store your belongings while also improving the beauty of your room. A studio apartment can be claustrophobic, and a Wall bed can open it up into a room that has multiple uses and is comfortable both for throwing parties and sleeping.

On the other hand, if you have a large home in San Antonio or the surrounding area, a Wall bed can be an amazing solution that is rare. Many people want a nice space to offer to guests, but do not want to dedicate an entire room of their home to being a guest room for the rare occasion when they have overnight visitors. A Wall bed can be designed to be a custom storage and hideaway desk bed. Throughout the year, your extra room can serve as a beautifully organized office. When you have a guest, simply fold it down to serve as a lovely guest bedroom, far more comfortable than offering your couch up to visitors.

If you have a child at college, a Wall bed can be a great solution. Your adult son or daughter might not be living at home full time anymore, but they still want a comfortable place to stay during breaks. As a parent, you want them to feel like they still have a place at their childhood home. However, you might not want to dedicate an entire room in the limited footprint of your San Antonio home to having a place for them to live during the months that they are home. A Wall bed can be an awesome solution. With this setup, you can use the room as an office or exercise room during the school year and fold the bed down to work as a bedroom while they are at home.

Many people believe that a Wall bed could be useful for them but is not realistic to add to their home. However, with our custom wall bed design, we can help design a great wall bed that will fulfill all of your needs and fit beautifully with the décor of the rest of your home. One of our professionals will come to your home for your free consultation and help develop a computer-generated design of a great Wall bed for you. We will work with you through the entire process, from design all the way through to professional installation.

Your Wall bed can range from a twin bed to a king-size, so it can fit in almost any room. It can be designed around storage, work space, or any other needs that you have. Give us a call to schedule your consultation today!

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