shutterstock_460406950The material used to build a closet should be chosen not just for efficiency and durability, but for design and style as well. Knowing what’s trending in closet materials can help you make the right choices for your closet design. You want to choose materials that are in style, yet compliment your own personal tastes.

Closet Materials and Design Trends in 2017

Closet design in 2017 is well beyond the ages of decorative designs, bulky cabinetry and elaborate details in rosettes and bland moldings. Instead, today’s closet material and design trends feature:

  1. Crisp, clean lines
  2. Textures and colors
  3. Uncomplicated, simple design

And, dominating the closet design scene? Texture

How to Spruce Up Your Closet Design with Texture

Texture is taking the closet design world by storm in 2017. It can be tactile and visual, linear or rough, even smooth or embossed. You can even create a combination of textures for an awesomely unique closet like no other. Your local closet solutions provider can assist you.

3 Ways to Use Texture to Transform Your Closet

  1. Take It Sideways – Why not go sideways with the grain? Instead of adding grains of texture going vertically, try taking it sideways for a uniquely appealing style. When incorporating drawers or large doors into your closet, run the grain horizontally for an on-trend look.
  2. Balance It All Out – It is possible to add too much texture when designing your closet. If you’re looking for a more soothing feel, try incorporating neutrals, such as bone or off white, with textured materials. This will help to balance out your closet design.
  3. Mix Things Up a Bit – Looking for ways to add a little spice to your closet’s design, look and feel? You can add a single color and texture combination to one part of your closet space, and finish the rest with one or more solid colors. This has been a trend in kitchen designs for a while now, whereas the cabinets may be white or some light color, with the kitchen island in dark wood. Bring this same idea over to your closet space design for a very trendy look. Add a built-in wall unit with various types of materials for an added touch.

Ready to make the leap to a customized walk-in or reach-in closet? Each and every one of our closets begins with a complimentary custom design. Creative Closet Connections will design a custom closet for you, with your budget and lifestyle in mind.

Your closet space is key to helping to keep your home clutter-free. Let Creative Closet Connections design a closet that helps to bring value to your everyday life. Give us a call to schedule your FREE in-home custom closet consultation today.

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