shutterstock_527129518Most of us aren’t fortunate enough to have a spare room in our households to serve as office spaces. A lot of us barely have a closet-sized room for a desk and chair.

However, if you have any extra closet space, you might just be in luck. With a little innovation and creativity, you can turn your messy closet into an organized place for work.

14 Tips to Turn Your Closet into an Efficient Home Office

Below are 14 innovative and creative tips to help you transform your spare closet space into a complete home office (bosses not included):

Tip 1: Measure Depth

Before you begin the process of turning your closet into a home office, it’s crucial that you break out the measuring tape. You need to make sure that your closet can handle your workload before you even begin to think about moving supplies and office furniture inside.

Tip 2: Get the Hook-Up

You can’t have a modern-day office without electricity. So, figure out everything you are going to need to plug in and have an electrician provide the proper plugs needed to avoid any fire hazards.

Tip 3: Separate Yourself

If your place doesn’t have a spare closet capable of fitting a small office, consider portioning off part of a bigger room with a screen or curtain. That way, your desk is in one area, and your “stuff” is in another.

Tip 4: Measure Again, For Height This Time

Break out the tape measure again. But, this time to scale for height. Make sure there’s enough vertical room for your tallest bookshelf to fit.

Tip 5: Make It Your Own

Yeah, work is typically boring. But, that doesn’t mean your home office still can’t be fun. Add your own personal flair and make it something you are truly proud of.

Tip 6: Get Creative with Home Office Desk Space

Since you might not have enough space for multiple desk drawers, think of creative ways to keep your desk clear. For example, you could hang your work on the closet walls with magnets or thumbtacks, and keep your supplies on hangers.

Tip 7: Consider an L-Shape Design

A walk-in closet would be the ideal space for your home office. If you have this option, try an L-shaped desk for more space efficiency. And, don’t forget to allow space for those fun rolling chairs.

Tip 8: Allow for Natural Light

If possible, include a window or skylight in your home office closet. Natural light will take away from the feeling of being cramped up in an office all day.

Tip 9: Pick the Right Office Chair

Not just any desk chair will do. You need a chair perfectly scaled to the size of your home’s closet office. A chair with no arms might be beneficial in a tighter space.

Tip 10: Use Closet Technology

Yes, you read right – closet technology! Closet designers like Closet Connection of San Antonio are always coming up with new innovative ways to fit electronics and furniture into closets.

Tip 11: Save Space by Eliminating Closet Doors

Is the closet door taking up room in your home office? Then just get rid of it! Hinged curtains would make for a much simpler closet office entrance/exit.

Tip 12: Sacrifice a Closet for Your Passions

Even if you aren’t using your closet office for your main line of work, you can devote the space to a hobby or something you care about. Don’t let that unused closet space go to waste.

Tip 13: Make Sure You Have Enough Shelf Support

It’s worth it to invest in some sturdy shelves. You want to avoid the risk of your shelves crashing down under the weight of your work and supplies.

Tip 14: Do Inventory Before You Choose Your Closet System

The most important step is deciding what is going to fit into your office. Once you’ve decided on how to decorate your office, you should bring your measurements, needs, and questions to the professionals.

Or, you can opt for full service from your local San Antonio experts at Closet Connection. We’ll customize a closet solution for you that transforms your inefficient closet space into an efficient home office.

We can even help you choose the right closet accessories for your closet home office. Contact Closet Connection of San Antonio today to schedule your free custom closet consultation.

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