When deciding to get custom closets installed we often see a few main concerns that are consistent. So, we figured it would be a good idea to address the top three concerns we generally get questions about. Most clients are concerned about properly organizing their closet, overall style, the total cost, and if a custom closet is their best option.

Let’s go over three major concerns we find our clients have in the San Antonio area.

1.Organizing The Closet
This is generally the main reason why people want a custom closet built. So naturally there are a lot of concerns in this area. One of the more common challenges is wanting to find whatever item of clothing the client needs very easily. The next challenge is they have run out of space to hang their clothes, and their accessories and wardrobe is spread out all over the place. Lastly, their shoes are completely unorganized.

Feeling like you can never find what you need is an annoying feeling. A custom storage system can easily solve this problem because our company will provide a consultation to assess the situation. We work closely with you, designing a system that works perfectly to fit your needs. The unit will be created to properly store your entire wardrobe, making everything you need easily accessible. This includes all accessories and shoes.

We carry a variety of accessories to help enhance the room you have available in your closet. The way our custom storages are built you will be able to easily arrange your clothing and accessories in one area. You will never waste time searching for what you need again.

2.How Much Will This Cost
Custom closets are a very lovely, luxurious feature in any home and also a growing commodity in San Antonio, so it is of no surprise that people become very concerned about the overall cost. This is especially a concern if you are not looking to spend a lot of money and are worried that you may never get all the features you would prefer.

At Closet Connection, we have a solution to this problem. During your consultation with us, the designer will be able to go over all the possibilities from standard to upgraded designs. There are a variety of styles and options at varying prices. We are fully capable of creating a closet system that you love within a price range that works for you.

3.What About Aesthetics
It is common that clients want their new custom closet to blend with their home’s interior design. So, customers frequently want to know if their new closet will harmonize well with the paint color on their walls, the color of the cabinetry, certain wood trimmings and sometimes a design they saw in a magazine.
Closet Connection’s vast design options allow for the clients interior design needs to be met. We can design a style with the colors and finishes you want to see in your home. These choices are one of the many reasons why working with us is such a breeze.

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