shutterstock_27761419There are the closet trends that have persisted through the ages, and then there are the closet trends that are fresh, new, and bold. This article is for the bold who are interested in taking some risks and making a truly daring closet design. Let’s take a look at this year’s main trends.

Mix and match

People no longer want the one- or two-color theme in their closet. Colors, designs, and even materials are being switched around so that the closet design is stunning and unique. Even if you paint different colors to something simple and subtler, such as panel bandings, it will make a difference and give your closet a unique look.

Texture can also be mixed and matched. You can combine opposites to create an overall elegant, modern look. For example, if you have cabinets and drawers, you could make one a glossy and smooth material while the other is textured. Combine this with contrasting colors and you’ve got yourself a bold, brand new look!


The trend is increasingly moving towards there being LED lights inside of drawers and cabinets that are motion-activated to turn on whenever you open a cabinet door or slide open a drawer. This trend has already begun this year, and you can expect it to get more common in the years to follow. This type of lighting is smart and practical, and it also adds an element of luxury to your closet.


This year, brass is all the rage. Brass closet accessories and hardware are ideal for anyone looking to have a trendy, new closet look. This is not only in the closet world but also in the fashion and tech industries. Order your brass accessories now to keep up with the times.

Space saving

There are a variety of ways that people are saving space these days. This doesn’t only apply to closets, but also to bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. Sometimes all of these rooms are combined into one! The same goes for a closet — some creative space saving solutions are necessary for the smaller closets, but also helpful for larger closets that could be using their space more efficiently.

Funnily enough, the Murphy bed is coming back into style this year. The closet industry is, in fact, behind this resurgence, making it easy and inexpensive to buy and install into your room. This is the most practical way to save space and gain some square footage.

Whatever way you decide to update your closet this year, bold is in. Go ahead; take some chances and make your closet truly unique. Check online for more closet ideas, and ask your friends and family to see what they have been doing with their closets. After all, a closet is the first thing you see every morning and the last thing you see before going to bed at night. Therefore, shouldn’t it be a place that makes you feel happy, invigorated, and inspired?

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