shutterstock_131579726These days, people want their closets to be extraordinarily functional. They want to maximize their closet space, while keeping it organized. Using the right storage elements helps you take full advantage of this precious space. 

Here are five closet design trends that customized closet designers will be working hard to create in 2018: 

1. Shoe Shelving 

Everyone loves shoes. But, they sure can clutter up your closet. If you don’t have a good shoe organization system set up, you probably find yourself on the closet floor trying to locate two matching shoes regularly. 

Shoe shelving will be the way to go in 2018 for footwear lovers. They transform your closet into a fully-functional shoe storage solution. Plus, they look really neat. Install rows of sturdy shoe shelves. Make sure they’re adjustable so you can use the for boots, sneakers, heels, etc…  

2. Double Hanging Modules 

Are you a fashion-hound with hordes of clothing? Thinking about going on a major shopping spree? Wondering where you’re going to store all your new gear? Then, why not double your hanging space?  

Double hanging modules have been on the list of closet design trends for some time now. They allow you to utilize their vertical heights to double the number of items you can hang up in your closet. Instead of hanging things up across one horizontal bar, you can now hang them vertically, utilizing more of your precious closet space. 

3. Accents & Colors 

This closet design trend works really well for closets with open-back setups. Use that area to take your closet to whole new levels.  

Add wallpaper, paint accents, wood paneling… anything that adds accents or color and is eye-popping to the beholder. This helps to make you closet look more open and airy. It also creates an awe-inspiring look that makes your closet fit for a walk-in tour. 

4. Customized Closet Drawers 

Having drawers in your closet helps you keep the smaller things organized and out-of-view. Plus, they make your closet look amazing. 

High-quality wood closet drawers come with magnificent, smooth finishes. If you’re looking for something more affordable, there re some great faux wood and particle board materials on the market as well.  

5. Corner Killing 

This is technically a kitchen design trend where empty space and fillers are used to create closed off, hollow corners. Well, this tactic doesn’t work in closet design, but the same challenges exist. 

Creating open storage solutions will definitely be a closet design trend in 2018. When every smidgen of an inch of space counts, the closet’s corners need to be maximized.  

Contact your local San Antonio custom closet designers at Closet Connection. Tell them you want to your closet optimized for a more functional closet design. Call Closet Connection at (210) 599-9100 to schedule your free consultation today.  

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