shutterstock_246630340So you’ve tried reorganizing your closet dozens of times, and still it manages to look like a disaster. You’ve maybe even invested in some closet organizers or read articles online about keeping your closet tidy. So what have you been missing?

You probably know the answer but don’t want to admit it: you have too many clothes. It might be painful to hear, but the time has come to weed out the clothes you’re not wearing.

Still not convinced? Think about what would happen if you had fewer clothes. If you have some clothes that are still fashionable and are in like-new condition but just not right for you, you could actually make some money by selling them to consignment stores. If you change your habits and don’t shop for clothes so often, you will also save more money in the future. And even better, just think about how your closet will look with fewer clothes: organized, neat, and holding only things you really want to wear.

So how do you choose which clothes to remove? And how do you make sure you don’t part with something that you might find yourself needing later?

  1. Remove everything from your closet.
    And I mean EVERYTHING. Your closet should be completely empty before you sort through your clothes. You can then start making piles for your favorites, the ones you know you don’t want anymore, and ones you’re not sure about. This is the best way to efficiently replace your wanted clothing in a neat, organized way.
  2. Sort harshly.
    If you haven’t worn an item of clothing once within the last year, it’s probably time to toss it. The exception is clothing reserved for special occasions, of course. One way of making peace with removing some clothing: be at peace with having just one of something. You don’t need more than one swimsuit, little black dress, or running shoes. Donate the extras so someone else can have one, too.
  3. Value quality over quantity.

Quality can refer to the quality of the material, but also the quality of your opinion: how much do you love it? For future buying, try investing in higher quality items that you truly love, rather than numerous ones that are poorly made or you don’t feel like you’re in love with. When you’re shopping the next time, ask yourself: “Do I LOVE how I feel when I wear this?” If you hesitate, chances are that it’s not worth the money or closet space.


Once you’ve done this, you can begin to organize your closet the way you want to. You can sort by color, season, or outfit – you can finally customize your closet exactly how you’ve envisioned it. You can finally justify buying some organizing tools (try some of Closet Connection’s products for the best closet organizers). You can finally make your closet reflect who you are and what your personal style is. Check out Closet Connection for some more tips to get your closet back into shape.

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