shutterstock_515902153Many older homes tend to have a lack of closet space. The same goes for some ultra-modern apartments. Some places come with no closet space at all. This leaves you challenged when it comes to storage. But, with a little creativity, you’ll be just fine.

No closet? Not an issue.

7 Tips to Organize Your Stuff When You Have No Closet

Here are seven tips to help people without closets get their stuff in order, and keep it that way:

1. Trunks

If you have an old trunk in the garage or attic, pull it out. That thing will work wonders as a place to store clothes and other items. Plus, you can sand it down, paint it and make it match your décor.

2. Shelved Racks

You can add shelved racks up against just about any wall of your home. Use them to store industrial and cleaning supplies or stockpiles in the kitchen. Or, add them to your kids’ rooms to keep their stuff organized and off the bedroom floors.

3. Detached Clothes Rack

These can be placed in bedrooms, in the corner of the room or against the wall. Now, you have a place to hang up clothes, which can be wheeled from place to place as needed.

4. Under the Bed

No, this is not a place for your kids to hide things when it’s “clean up your room” time. This is actually a place where you can store all sorts of goodies. Place items, in short, plastic bins, rolling storage drawers and other under-the-bed organizers. Then, simply slide them out of view, under the bed.

5. Hanging Accessories

Those items you don’t store in plain sight, such as scarves, tights, jewelry and belts, can create a mess of clutter. Add wall organizers, command hooks or even strategically placed nails behind a door or on a wall. Now, just hang those accessories up for better organization.

6. Bookcase

With the world going ultra-digital, maybe it’s time to turn in some of those books for Kindle editions. That way, you could use all that space on your bookshelf to store clothing. Just fold it, and stack it. And, if you want to add a little style and flare, hang some decorative curtains in front of it to act as a door.

7. Go Up

You can create a fake closet by simply going up. Instead of a horizontal hanging system, go vertical. Hanging your clothes from ceiling to rod will give you much more hanging space to work with. This also allows your clothes to hang freely, which cuts down on wrinkles.

Just because you don’t have a closet doesn’t mean you have to be unorganized. A customized closet from Closet Connection of San Antonio will help you get your life in order.

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