Your pantry might be the most-used storage space in your home. After all, we usually only get dressed once a day, but eat at least three times a day – not to mention snacks! A pantry needs to store everything from spices to canned goods to prepared snacks, all within reach and easily seen. Your pantry can be one of the most pleasant places in your home with a great organization system, allowing you to constantly know exactly what you have available to cook with and making meal planning easier. We’ve all had the experience of buying canned food at the grocery store only to come home and realize that we already had six cans. Surprise, they were just hiding in the back of the overrun shelf that’s crammed with condiments, canned goods, and granola bars.









A well-designed pantry system can make sure that you don’t spend extra time and money buying groceries that you didn’t realize you already owned due to poor organization.

Making delicious meals shouldn’t be made more difficult by the challenge of locating staples like flour and sugar. It can be a pain to climb up to shelves above the refrigerator just to grab the vanilla extract. Or, try hunting for baking soda on the bottom shelf, while having no idea where the cream of tartar could possibly be stored. By having all of your ingredients easily visible, you can remember what you have on hand. You may even find yourself to be a more creative cook who loves creating homemade meals and treats for your family.

Your pantry can include drawers, shelves, a wine rack, baskets for fruits, special storage for spices, and anything else that you need to keep all of your food well organized. Storage can be hidden or visible, and our professional consultants can help you to create a system that will serve your needs.

If your cupboards are overflowing, or your spices are rolling around in a drawer with your silverware, you need a custom storage space design for your pantry. Give us a call today and we will help you design a beautiful pantry that will complement your kitchen and make you feel like a talented chef. It doesn’t matter whether you cook from one of San Antonio’s farmer’s markets regularly or tend to lean more towards the peanut-butter-and-jelly side of the culinary spectrum – we are here to help you improve your cooking and food storage space.

A custom designed space can keep your pantry organized, leading to easier grocery shopping and cooking. You can fax us your dimensions and receive a design that will fit in your space. Or, give us a call and we will arrange a free in-home consultation with a professional who will help you design the pantry of your dreams. Reach out to us today!

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