shutterstock_417368401No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get your closet fully organized. That’s because it holds a ton, which is too much to keep in one closet. And, as long as you keep holding onto your favorite jeans from college days and stilettos from three seasons ago, it’ll stay that way. You need to eliminate the clutter to get rid of the closet chaos.

It’s time to start thinking of your closet as a sanctuary. We’ll walk you through creating a serene area which allows you to complete tasks like changing purses, trying on shoes or putting outfits together. Most of these ideas are for walk-in closets. But, with a little creativity and some minor upgrades, you can actually organize the perfect closet.

5 Steps to Creating a Serene Closet Sanctuary

We will help you create a closet space that’s both tranquil and functional in five easy steps:

1. Make Your Closet Look Bigger

The first thing you want to do is give yourself the illusion that your closet is big. By placing a mirror inside your closet at eye level, you do just that. Make sure the mirror you choose is no smaller than 18-inches in width. Although this idea is actually for walk-in closets, there are other closet styles where it could also be useful.

2. Show Off Your Fabulous Collection of Shoes

To transform your closet into a tranquil sanctuary, you’ll need to create some visual appeal. This can be done by arranging all of your shoes according to the height of their heels (from stilettos to pumps, down to flat sandals). Install a low-tension rod with hanging shapers, and clip your tall boots to it.

3. Create a Purse Changing Station in Your Closet

Changing purses can be a hassle, but it simply must be done. There’s no way you’re going to wear the jean purse you wore to work today to that fabulous party at the club tonight. There are always essentials that are out-of-rotation, which can cause clutter in your closet when you’re not using them. Designate a drawer in your closet to become your new purse changing station. Now, all of those goodies that go in one purse (and not the other) are all organized in one place.

4. Transform Your Closet into a Boutique

Installing a valet rod will help to give your walk-in closet the feel of an exclusive boutique. There, you can hang ensembles you want to lay out for the next day or for that upcoming business trip. A retractable valet rod will allow you to pull it out when needed, and push it back out of the way when you don’t.

5. Give Your Closet a Decorator’s Touch

Now, it’s time to decorate your closet. And, if you want it to be organized and amazing at the same time, you’ll need to think like a decorator. Add some simple little touches to make the space look nice and bigger. Plush rugs with bold patterns will give it an inviting feel. Then, add a framed photo to the wall and maybe a vase on a shelf or in a bare corner for a cozier vibe.

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