shutterstock_165019922Let’s face it – there is no need for your sundress in the dead of December. As the weather changes and the wind gets cold, the time to change your wardrobe has come. Taking charge of this task can be done efficiently. Here are some tips on how to change over your closet with ease.

  1. Take the summer out of your closet

If there are items that do not belong in your summer wardrobe, pack them away. That straw hat can be hidden until it’s time to unpack it for spring. Your summer sandals can go away until your feet don’t scrunch up with the wind chill. Light blouses and shorts can go away to make room for the winter sweaters, thicker pants and winter coats. Pack the things you know you will have no use until the weather gets warmer.

  1. Leave some of your transitional clothing out of the store-away pile

Yes, the little cotton dress is a no-brainer to store away for the winter months. But what about light sweaters and clothes that might not be winter weather, but could come in handy for mild days? You choose. If there are clothes that you think might be lighter but have a place in your winter wardrobe, choose accordingly and leave a couple of those items out for winter use.

  1. Step up your organization skills

During your wardrobe switchover, you have the opportunity to ramp up your organization skills. Use this time to go through your clothes and do a winter purge. Anything that you will never wear again, set it aside to sell, throw away or donate.

As you restock your space, use this time wisely. Redistribute heavier clothes on more sturdy hangers, refold clothes that need to be refolded and set the items in your closet in a way that they are easy to access. Winter accessory storage can be tricky – finding an effective way to store knitted items like scarves and caps can sometimes be tedious. A good idea is to find a canvas bag that you can hang on a closet door that is specifically set aside for those knitted items the winter seems to love.

  1. Winter and Summer Shoes are not the same

Some people think that shoes are ‘just’ shoes. They believe there is nothing different about the shoes you wear in the summer than the ones you wear to beat the winter cold. That, however, is not the case. The elements that exist in the winter, like snow and ice, can create conditions with winter shoes and boots that can wreak havoc on winter clothes. Come up with a game plan to store winter shoes and boots that have been exposed to the elements away from your fresh winter wardrobe.

These tips should lead you to a smooth winter transition in your closet. Store away your summer sensations until the weather breaks and enjoy snuggling up in your fuzzy sweaters and warm coats for the coming cool season.


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