shutterstock_181622573Towels and washcloths and sheets – oh my! As much as you’d like to think that this is what most linen closets contain, many contain much more. Whereas a clothing closet can get cluttered with more and more clothes and shoes, a linen closet can literally become the place where anything that does not have a place gets shoved. It is often the home for any extra pillows, blankets or bath and bed items that are not in regular use.

How can you organize a linen closet filled to the brim? Here are some tips to help you sort out the chaos of an unorganized linen closet.

  • Purge and Prep

We generally use 20 percent of what we have 80 percent of the time. If your linen closet is getting cluttered and bogged down, set aside some time to purge. Go through what you have and separate what you want to keep from what can be donated, sold or thrown away.

Once you have determined what you want to keep, prepare those items for storage. Wrap the shelving in tissue paper or vinyl covering to protect the fabrics. If you know that some things will remain out of rotation, packing those items in storage bins might be a good option. Also, remember that if you have large blankets or pillows, the linen closet is not the only place those things can be stored. If there is a bedroom associated with those spares, the top shelving in the bedroom closets would be a great alternative. 

  • Be picky about your shelving

If you are setting up a linen closet or renovating a current linen closet, plan your closet for the long haul. Adjustable shelving can be used to change the shelving based on your need. The perfect linen closet will be in a cool, dry place in the home. One good way to maintain free flowing air in your linen closet is to have ventilated, wire shelving. This will give air the chance to flow freely through the fabrics in the closet and allows the least chance for moisture buildup and discoloration.

If you already have shelving that you are not going to change, there are plenty of options that can give you better organization in your closet. Utilize tools like wire baskets and shelf dividers to create an organization space that works for your home.

  • If It Doesn’t Belong, Get It Out

If an item does not belong in the linen closet, put it where it belongs. Label and designate your shelves and spaces for the items that are supposed to be there and keep things in their place. Don’t put towels in a place designed for washcloths. Don’t mix towels and bed linen. By controlling the chaos in the closet, you control the clutter, which will save you time in the long run.

Hopefully, these ideas will put you on the path to having an organized linen closet. Use them to take your linen closet from just bed and bath to beyond!

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