shutterstock_86437954In the past, the symbol of American life was a family driving their car into their garage and walking into their homes. In today’s society, everything but your car is crammed in the garage, while your automobile sits curbside in idle. How did this happen? And what can you do to restore putting the car back in the garage yet still have space to store the stuff that is currently stuffing it to its seams? Here are some tips to solve the stuffed garage issue and return your car to its rightful place.

  1. Clean the clutter

In most instances, the garage is the first place to throw the stuff that we have deemed out of commission. To start the garage cleanout process, purge any items that are out of commission or will never be used by you again. You’ll be amazed by the space you free up by taking the excess clutter to the dumpster. If there are items that you might not want, but might be great in another place, utilize your local Goodwill organizations to donate items to someone in need or have a yard sale to earn some extra dollars that were previously gathering dust in the garage.


  1. Reevaluate Your Storage

Some items that are stored in a garage could be better housed in other places. For instance, a grill can be covered and stored in a back yard, whereas paint can be ruined by extreme heat and might be better stored in a closet inside of the house. Look at what’s left and determine if there might be a better place to keep it than where you want to pull in your car.


  1. Develop a garage floor plan

Now, you have the things that you want to keep in the garage in the garage. From there, develop a floor plan that will assist you with setting up storage for those items. This can include the purchase of utility closets or a wall unit custom designed to fit your needs. The key to designing a garage floor plan is to get as much as you can off of the floor as possible and in a proper storage place. The clearer space you have, the less likely you are to return to a cluttered garage space.


  1. Execute your plan

Executing your plan can happen in several different ways. You can build storage space to accommodate the space that you have available, or you can purchase prebuilt storage compartments and fit them into the space you have allocated for storage. Either way, taking the time to convert your garage into a space that can store the things you have and still accommodate your car takes a little planning and execution but results in big reward.

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