Sports EquipmentOrganizing sports equipment does not have to be complicated or messy.  Unfortunately, many families are forced to navigate between their home and their recreational stuff.

Here are some ways you can solve this problem and get your equipment in order.


Football gear is not only heavy, but it often can be a bit stinky. Store this type of stuff in the garage where it will not stink up the common areas. You can also install cabinets that will help keep down the funky smells. Make sure to store it in a dry place to eliminate the chances of mold developing.


Golf equipment can use up more space than is necessary if you store in places like a closet or in a random corner. It is common for people just to prop their bag up on the wall. While this may seem like an easy way to put away this equipment, your golf bag could even up falling over, damaging your clubs.

Try putting a Racor shelf near your back door, which will hold your golf bags, while also leaving room for your cleats.


Tennis equipment isn’t very large, so finding ways to organize for this sport is quite simple. Things like tennis balls, rackets and sweatbands can be stored in drawers in garage storage bins.


Need a good place to put your baseball bats? While they can be a little pricey, pegboards are a good way hang up your bats, while also keeping them protected and out of the way.


Soccer players and their gear can get sweaty and dirty so you may want to have designated hampers specifically for soccer uniforms. Stop dirt and sweat right in its tracks so it doesn’t spread all over the house. When the kids walk in the door, have them through their uniforms in the hamper straight away.


Now this is one sport where the equipment is best left in the laundry room. If you have space, place wall hooks to hang your towels, goggles and wet swimsuits.


Set up ball claws on a slat wall in your garage to hold your basketballs. This way you don’t have to worry about them ever deflating. Slat walls can also be used for storing various things in different places in your home, not just the garage. If you have a bike, this can be utilized for that as well.

When searching for a place to put your sports equipment, take note of any open wall space in areas such as the attic, garage, and basement. Make use of what’s available to you.

When the family is no longer playing a certain sport, store that equipment out of the way so that the things you need are easily accessible. Everyone in the house should have their own sports bags for carrying their stuff and when a particular sport is no longer in season, take that equipment out of the bag and replace it with only what is needed.

Having your sports gear properly organized makes life easier because you will save time, energy and it helps to keep your house in order.

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