Whether you own a business, occasionally work from home, or simply need to keep track of the myriad paperwork that comes along with running a San Antonio household, a quality organization system can help you be more successful. A beautiful home office can help you use your time more wisely and be more profitable and have more time to spend with your family instead of hunting for files.






A quality home office is more than just a room with a desk. It is the place where support your family, or where your preschooler colors next to you. It’s where your teenager will fill out college applications. It’s where you’ll do homework if you go back to school. It’s where you’ll store all those most important documents that record the important moments and purchases in your life. A good home office has to support the needs of every member of your family, without being overwhelming.

We’ve all experienced being overrun by files, years-old tax returns, office supplies, and children’s artwork without being able to put our fingers on the one paper we actually need. When you are trying to work with just a few drawers in a basic desk, it is incredibly difficult to keep your complicated life organized.

That is where a custom office or desk from Closet Connection can come in. If you’re thinking about turning your spare room – or even just an empty corner in your living room – into a home office, give us a call. If you have years worth of files to store, or a personal library that you want to display, or you need to squeeze a lot of storage into a tiny space, we can help. One of our professionals will come to your home and give you a free consultation, helping you design a desk and organization system that will fulfill all of your needs.

Our creative designers can help you create a desk that will serve you better than you imagined. No big box store will sell a desk that is suited perfectly to your unique needs, fitted to your room, and that fits in with the décor of the rest of your home. You can only get such a perfectly individualized desk by working with Closet Connection. Our storage expertise can help you figure out exactly what you need from your desk and design a system that will work for you.

Take a look at our gallery to see examples of the home offices we have designed around the San Antonio area. If you aren’t ready to commit to a consultation yet, you can fax us the dimensions of your space, and we will send back a design for a desk that will fit beautifully in your home. The design can be a great jumping-off point for you to begin the process of designing the home office you always dreamed of.

We can create a home office for you that will give you plenty of work space, even if you have multiple people using the space. If you need to use your home office for both personal and business use, we can help you create a system that will keep your personal and professional papers separate and perfectly organized. Give us a call today!

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