Mud Room

Mud rooms deserve much more attention than we give them.

When we enter our homes, mud rooms do most of the work, quickly becoming piled with dirty shoes, outdoor toys, backpacks, purses, umbrellas, coats, hats, sunscreen, and anything else we are eager to ditch when returning home from a long day. These rooms are the first place we see when we arrive home, so they should be a sanctuary, welcoming us, rather than a disorganized mess. Additionally, a mud room may also be the first part of your home your guests see. A nicely organized custom designed mud room will make them feel welcoming – while also instilling just the right amount of jealousy.

A well-designed mudroom will make it easy to hide away unsightly accessories. Our experts will take into consideration the number of people in your family and their hobbies to make sure you have room for all the fishing poles, soccer balls and yoga mats you may need to store. Additionally, we can ensure that storage options are at a proper height, so your children can learn to put away their own shoes and jackets rather than struggling to reach adult-height cupboards and dropping their things on the floor in frustration.

You may have unique storage concerns in your mud room. It may double as your laundry room, or your linen closet, or even just be one wall of your living room. When spaces need to do double duty, it is of extra importance that they are well thought out so that they can serve both purposes well. If you prefer to store your vacuum in your mud room, let one of our experts know.

The most important thing for a mud room to be is simple. However, simple to use does not always mean simple to design. It is easiest to keep a home clean when everything has an exact place where it belongs, and the same goes double for a mud room. When you return from a wet, windy walk with your dog, you don’t want to be struggling to shove your umbrella back in the cupboard without letting everything else stuffed in there fall out. You want a single, dedicated hook for the umbrella, so you can wrap it up, hang it, and forget about it. A custom designed closet will offer plenty of space for everything you need to store and no wasted space. Rows of tennis-shoe height shelving is of no use if you’re more of a boot family – this is the level of detail that our expert consultants will take into consideration to make sure that you have the perfect mud room for your family.

Imagine, returning home to your beautiful, clean, organized mudroom. As you remove your shoes and place them on a shelf, hang your coat on its dedicated hanger, and put your purse in your drawer, you think back to the days of kids’ toys and muddy shoes all over the floor and breath a sigh of relief. You can eliminate the stress of a never-ending mud room mess – give us a call today!

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