shutterstock_381687835So you’re at home trying to cook. You feel like your elbows are touching the refrigerator door because there is hardly no space in your kitchen. What can you do to correct this? What options do you have to maximize your storage space in your kitchen so that you have the ability to move around with ease? There are a couple of options that you can take to increase your storage space and make your kitchen a more effective place to cook.

Efficient use of Your Drawers and Cabinets

Sometimes adding a shelf or a special divider can create the ability to store more items in a drawer or cabinet. Need to store a large appliance? Create a space in your kitchen where there are no shelves that you can put large appliances in to maximize your counter space. The shelf that you remove? You can add that to another area in your cabinet to increase space to place items on.

Compartmentalizing your drawers can create a simple way to store things that you might feel are loose and can get everywhere. Use Tupperware containers to place small items in, then line those items in a drawer or cabinet to create an organized catalog that works for you.


Are your cabinets filled with cans of soup or other canned foods? This can be solved with the addition of a pantry. Now, pantries don’t have to be a closet that is in your kitchen that is already there. A pantry can be made to complement your kitchen and can be mobile. Some pantries are additional closet units that are custom made into a space in your kitchen, while others act as an extension to your current kitchen, giving you the ability to expand out and free up more area. Think about what type of pantry might work for you.

Mobile Islands

Is your kitchen lacking that extra counter space? A mobile island might to the trick to solve that problem. A mobile island is a kitchen island that doesn’t have to be planted in the middle of the kitchen. You can move it to a space that serves its purpose when you’re cooking, and then store it out of the way when you’ve finished using it. A mobile island solves two issues – counter space and storage space. Most mobile islands have cabinets and drawers attached that give you that extra space that you might not have in your kitchen. You can purchase a standard sized mobile island or have one custom made to meet your specific need.

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