Laundry Rooms

Laundry can be a thankless task. Multiple times a week, we throw everything in the washer, dry clothes, iron them, and put them away. Too often, washing machines are stored in the darkest, grungiest, least pleasant parts of our homes. Your laundry room doesn’t need to be an eyesore! This necessary task can be one of the most pleasant parts of your day with a custom laundry system that makes laundry quick, streamlined, and easy.






Here at Closet Connection of San Antonio, we are available to help you turn a dreaded task into a pleasant respite.Your laundry-room custom designed space can enclose your washing machine and dryer and have room for a hamper. It can also store your laundry soap and dryer sheets, serve as a linen closet, and even include an ironing board or rack for hanging clothes to dry. All of this can be designed to fit in with your interior design so that your custom storage fits into your home as if it was always there.

Here in San Antonio, we all live busy lives. From working out, to going to work, to playing to with kids, to attending a fancy dinner, and finally to getting ready for bed – we can easily go through multiple outfits in a single day. That makes for a busy and exciting life – until it becomes time to wash all of those clothes. Suddenly those four outfits a day just mean four times as much work to do. If you have a family and are doing laundry for more than one person, the laundry seems to grow exponentially. This chore can quickly become one of the most dreaded parts of your day, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

While a custom designed space isn’t as good as a laundry robot, it’s as close as we can get. Many people never carefully think out the arrangement of their laundry room and assume that they are just stuck with one possible arrangement. We can help you find a setup that will make it easy to carry out all of your laundry-related tasks in one place, and take great care of your wardrobe. There is no reason that your washing machine should be in a different room than your ironing board, or your drying rack, or the sink where you handwash your delicates.

We can work with you to design a custom storage system that will put all of these things within arm’s reach so that doing your laundry is quick, easy, and even enjoyable. For a chore that you do so often, you deserve to have it be as simple as possible.

Get in touch with Closet Connection for a professional consultation helping you to design a laundry room or area that will take up minimal space and make doing chores far more appealing. There’s no need to dread doing laundry. A great organization system and custom designed space can help you quickly have the best laundry room in San Antonio. Give us a call today!




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