Kid’s Closets

Closet Connection is operated by a husband and wife team based in San Antonio, so we know how important family is. In fact, kid’s closets are our specialty. We know children use their rooms differently than adults. They often need a closet that incorporates all of their belongings, as well as desk space. It needs to be accessible to them from the time they are two feet tall until the day they move away for college.







Children are not naturally organized, so a custom closet is a great way to make it easier to keep their rooms clean so that they have plenty of room to play and enjoy their childhood. We can create custom closets for storage of clothing, toys, books, and all the knick-knacks of childhood.

While adult closets often only need to store their clothing, children keep a much wider variety of things in their bedrooms, and that can lead to a constant mess and stress for parents. Kids seem to constantly be accumulating more stuff, whether it is birthday presents or those little plastic trinkets that seem to come out of nowhere and constantly end up on the floor. Just having a designated place for all those “favorite” trinkets can make it far easier to keep a room neat and tidy. Plus, it is harder for kids to play when it is impossible for them to not only find the legos, but even have room to play with them. When every single toy has a home, it’s easier for kids to clean up and know where to find all of their favorite toys.

In fact, many families find that installing a great organization system will help their child to learn to keep their belongings in order. The children find that it is no longer overwhelming to figure out where everything goes. Even with young children who are not old enough yet to clean up after themselves, parents often find that a well-designed organization system makes it far less annoying and stressful to keep their toddler’s room clean.

We are experts and working with kids and creating solutions that will grow with them. We can create storage solutions that will be great for storing the many toys of a preschooler but will grow with them to store books later on in their high school years. We can include adjustable shelves, desk space, and other accessories that will grow with your child.

We create custom closets for families all throughout the San Antonio area. We will talk with you and your child about how they use their room, what kinds of things are stored there, and how to create a customized solution that will keep their room well organized now and as they grow. Our professionals can come in for a free consultation in your home and help you develop something that is perfect for your family.

Look through our gallery to see the wide variety of closets that we have designed and give us a call at 210.599.9100 when you’re ready to schedule a free consultation. и сайт клуб вулкан - сочетание инновационных разработок и желания заработать!