shutterstock_499541422Fall is a season that brings about unique fashion trends. Not only is it the beloved season where you can wear a light, stylish jacket, and fashion scarves without freezing, but it is also the season when many new clothing trends emerge. Before you run out to every store you love and buy all the new fall trends, take a moment to notice what’s already in your closet. Remember, Fall is a short season: you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg only to be able to wear certain outfits for a month or two!

The chances are good that you already have enough things in your closet to cover the basics of the newest trends. This is particularly useful for people who are living on a budget, or whose closets are already jam packed with clothing, not a single inch of space left.

Leopard print
Believe it or not, leopard print is back in style. This time around, however, less is more. If you simply wear a leopard print scarf, bag, or clutch, it will go a long way. Combine it with your favorite black pants or leather skirt for an edgy but not overdone look. You surely must have something in leopard print from your younger days, so why not take advantage?

Men’s styles for women
There are a number of fall fashion trends this year that are inspired by traditionally male pieces. This includes pinstripes and gray plaid, among others. The beauty of this is that it can be paired with more girly pieces to create an impressive, put-together look that is a far cry from boyish. Wear your pinstripe or plaid jacket or vest with a lacy blouse or with some ruffles somewhere, and you’ll achieve that look you’re going for.

Metallic material
Metallic is another fall trend that can be overdone (but shouldn’t be). In other words, don’t wear a metallic garment, but rather accessorize your outfit with metallic pieces. Surely you have a metallic bag somewhere in your closet, from back when they were big. Bangles were in style once, too, and can be brought back out of the closet and onto your wrist. Another option in good taste is metallic buckles or shoes with a bit of metallic accent.

Return of the trends
The fact of the matter is, we’re seeing a lot of returning trends. The key to keeping it fresh is by pairing the old with the new. Bring out your accessories from a decade ago and pair it with that new shirt you bought last year or last month, and you’ll be surprised and impressed with the result.

Saving money doesn’t have to be tricky at all — all it takes is a little bit of creativity and a good memory for past trends. Fall is the perfect month to try these looks out, so whip out those accessories and start letting those creative juices flow!


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