shutterstock_222343417If you have been having trouble with your closet for a while, you may have considered (maybe more than once) the possibility of hiring a professional to organize and customize your closet for you. Just like any other profession, a professional San Antonio custom closet installer can save you time when it comes to combining fashion with function.

Why Hire One?

Before you pick up the phone, consider the reasons for needing a custom closet installer. Will it be the right decision for you? It mostly depends on your commitment to having an organized, neat closet – has your current closet become a daily battle for you? Is it an added source of stress in your already stressful working life? Is your closet just too tiny for all of your things?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably going to be happy that you hired a custom closet installer. A professional custom closet installer will remove the stressful mess in your closet and will design it in a way that cleverly utilizes all the space you have. These people are essentially interior designers, after all, although they might be even more creative with their designs due to space limitations and how varying each person’s closet is.


If you are someone who has an eye for detail and the rest of your house has one specific theme or color scheme, then why not make your closet the same way? Your San Antonio custom closet designer can look at the rest of your house and see what your style is – and then mimic it perfectly in your closet.

Who to Hire?

Once you have decided you want to hire a professional, you will face your most daunting task yet: choosing a person or company to complete the job. There are some things you should ask every company you are considering. They are basically involving reputation and experience. For instance;  ask how long their company has been in business, and if custom closet installations are the main part of their business. Many times this is not the case, and they are focusing their biggest efforts elsewhere.


You can even ask questions about insurance of the workers and the company itself. When it comes to your closet, no rock should be left unturned. After all, they will be designing something that you use numerous times every day. It has to be something you’re happy with!


Some other really important questions to ask are about the number of custom closets they have installed, who will be the supervisor of this particular project, and what the process itself actually entails.


Pricing leads to an entirely new category of questions. You should consider price guarantees, deposits and payment methods.  Finally, don’t forget to ask about cleanup!


When you are ready to start your search for the perfect San Antonio custom closet installer, give us a call. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and give you a quote!

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