Question to Ask Before You Hire

Choosing a company to design your custom closet can be simple. Closet Connection of San Antonio can create your dream space with ease and minimal stress to you. The joy of having the right company design your closet is knowing that your life is being made simpler and more organized. When your house is built, generally they only put a rod and shelf in your closet. This is where a Closet Connection can come in and work miracles for your home. How do you know you are working with the best company?

For Starters – Do You Really Need This?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of having a closet company do all of the work for you. We come out and do an estimate which includes picking through every item of clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags you own. We will also measure the amount of hanging and shelving space you need. Next, we create the perfect storage system based on what you have.
Part of the process will require you to determine if there are any items you will want to get rid of or store somewhere else and decide what you want to keep. After you have a good idea of what you are going to keep you may realize that you will not need a custom closet after all. If you still have a problem, at least now the issue has been simplified since you only have the items you need which makes the design process so much easier.

Know What to Expect

Our consultation for the design and estimate is free. You may want to schedule a second appointment to discuss what we have created for you. If there is more than one person making the decisions, then you will want to make sure that everyone is present during the consultation to ensure you go forward with ease.
Be prepared for it to take up to several weeks to manufacture your custom closet and schedule the installers to come. Depending upon your design preferences, the out of pocket expenses could range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand.

Questions to Ask the Company

You will want to make sure you are working with a well-qualified custom closet company in the San Antonio area. Ask these questions first:

1.Do you offer a warranty? How does it apply to me, or anyone who may own the home later?
2.How long have you been in business?
3.Is the particleboard industrial grade or furniture grade? Industrial grade is of better, thicker quality and will be best for holding screws.
4.Is plastic used in the hardware at all? It is better to use metal parts.
5.Can you tell me what colors you have for laminate material?
6.Is the melamine thermal-fused or cold processed? For better wear, you will want thermal-fused melamine.
7.How do you design the drawer units? How do you fasten your drawer handle hardware? Will this include full extension glides? How your drawers are made will make a big difference in the overall quality. For the best foundation, adding full extension glides are best.
8.Will the installation also include removing my old closet? If needed will you finish off the paint on the wall and do any necessary wall repairs?
9.Are there any accessories offered? How much are they? If I don’t want those are there any other options? Accessories may include shoe fences, sliding belt racks, tie racks, valet rods, hampers, jewelry rods and more. Be careful and pay attention to how quickly the cost adds up with such additions.
10.What is the usual shelf depth you use? The standard shelf depth is 11.5 inches. To hold larger clothing items or even luggage, you may prefer 14” or 16” shelves.

If you do this ahead of time, you will end up with a beautifully constructed custom closet that you will love.

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