shutterstock_283120625Many kids spend most of December trying to hunt down their Christmas gifts. They just can’t wait until Christmas day to see what you’ve gotten them. But, surprising them is part of the holiday fun. That’s why so many parents take to hiding presents in presents in closets. However, that’s not always the best hiding spot. 

Traditional Hiding Places for Christmas Gifts 

When your kids are young, it’s not really hard to hide gifts. Many parents simply stash them in a closet, and leave them there until Christmas Eve. These are the three most common traditional hiding places for Christmas gifts: 

1. Top Shelf of the Closet 

For toddlers, this is a pretty good hiding spot. But, eventually, your little rug rat will figure out how to climb up on something to reach up there.  

2. Way in the Back of a Drawer 

You may be able to secretly tuck small gifts away behind a drawer for a couple of years. But, it won’t take long before bull-headed kids figure out this hiding place. 

3. Bottom of Dirty Clothes Hamper 

This common Christmas gift hiding place works fairly well for one simple reason… most kids don’t like doing the laundry. So, make sure to pile that filthy laundry on thick.  

The only problem with this idea is… many kids tend to go out of their way to be “good” during the holidays. So, yours may just decide to start washing dirty clothes this December.  

3 Places a Master Would Hide Christmas Presents 

Have your kid gotten to the age (or height) where the closet just doesn’t cut it anymore as a hiding place for Christmas gifts? Well, custom closet designers have put deep thought into this. Closets are now being designed with space and convenience in mind, as well as privacy. 

Make your closet a creative hiding space for all things private in your life, including gifts for Christmas. Here are some ideas to toss at your custom closet designer to create hiding places in your closet: 

1. Last Year’s Discovered Hiding Space 

Have a hiding space you’ve used in the past that you know the kids have already discovered? Use it again! Wrap up some gag gifts, such as a lump of coal, rolls of toilet paper or old dust rags.  

If you catch them walking around the house with bad attitudes, let them know they’ve been busted!!! Now, you can feel free to use that hiding spot again in the future. Lol 

2. Locked Cabinet Door or Drawer in the Closet 

Get your custom closet designer to create a set of drawers inside your closet. And, put a lock on one of them. Now, keep the key with you at all times.  

Only a destructive child would destroy a locked drawer or cabinet door looking for Christmas gifts. That would definitely put that little one on the naughty list for the year. 

3. Secret Compartment in Your Closet 

How cool would it be to have a secret compartment inside your closet? Sounds a bit espionage-like. But, it will do the job.  

Contact your local custom closet designer about installing a secret compartment for you. No one ever has to know it even exists. Keep this secret close to your heart, and you have the perfect hiding place for all gifts for life! 

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