murphy-bedAs living spaces become increasingly smaller, creative ways to maximize living space have become more creative and stylish. One of the ways that many people are using to maximize their living space is by using a wall bed. Also known as Murphy beds, wall beds give people the ability to take a living space to a sleeping space with the pull of a lever or the push of a button.

There are both advantages and disadvantage to using a wall bed. Here, we will cover both.

Pros to a Wall Bed

If you’re looking to use a small space for more than one thing, a wall bed can do the trick. Murphy beds are the ultimate space saver and can be a convenient option when your living space does not allow for guest accommodations. Most wall beds come with storage space that can hold everyday items and have sleek and modern looks that are eye-catching and unique.

Wall beds are also made to be easy to open and operate. You can avoid the hassle of blowing up an air mattress or storing an extra mattress in a closet that you have no space in. Instead, you can purchase a wall bed that can convert a space where a bed would not be functional into an additional sleeping space for everyone’s enjoyment. A wall bed makes a small space into a sleeping space that provides comfort and functionality with minimal effort to assemble and put back in place.

Cons of a Wall Bed

Even though there are many pros to having a wall bed in your space, there are some situations where a wall bed would not be ideal. For example, the purpose of a Murphy bed is generally for short-term or temporary usage.  It is not an ideal solution for permanent, long term use. The mattresses in wall beds are typically not as durable and comfortable as a permanent sleeping space.

In addition, wall beds are usually developed to convert a space that is not commonly used for sleep into a sleeping space. Because of this, the expense for a murphy bed might be more than other options, like an air mattress or a day or loft bed. Understanding what is needed from the space that you are looking to convert is essential in making the right choice of purchasing a wall bed.

Is It for You?

Stylish and trendy, a wall bed might be a perfect solution for your small space. There are other options, however, depending on the amount of usage and how you are purposing the room that might be a better fit.

Need some help making an informed assessment? We can help! Contact us to have us evaluate your space and need. Our experts can provide trusted support to create a functional space that you will love.

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