shutterstock_346365020Many people believe that garages are only good for storing their cars in, but they are sorely mistaken. When organized well, a garage can be a fantastic space for storage, productivity, and fun all together. There are many options available for decking out your garage so that it is comfortable to hang out in and easy to use without a problem. We will cover the various options available to you so you can truly get the most out of your garage.

That’s so last season

If you have stuff that comes from a season other than the current one you are in (which applies to just about everyone), then you likely are in desperate need of an ideal, organized place to store it. The garage is perfect for storing your things that are out of season because they are both easily accessible for when that season rolls around again and are also out of the way for when you really don’t feel like seeing those items from last season every day. Simple shelves are a great way for simple storage, but especially a shelf above the door, since it is out of the way and in the perfect spot for reaching only four times a year.

Daily use storage

Other items are the type that you will likely need to use on a daily basis. If you have a garden, for example, you will need a place for your pots, soil, seeds, watering cans, and gardening tools. Many people have shoes and gloves that they wear while gardening, so those items will also need to be tucked away somewhere. In order to reduce clutter and increase the organized appeal of your garage, simply stand them upright on shelves attached to the wall. This reduces the amount of clutter on the floor (which we all know can get out of hand quickly in the garage), and will also make things look neat and tidy.

Project-specific Organization

If you have a specific project or a particular hobby that you like to work on in your garage, you are probably notorious for it being extremely cluttered. Why keep a dingy, dirty room like the garage clean, anyway? If you build a storage solution at your workstation and maintain its organization and neatness, you might even see your productivity increase and your stress decrease. Use hooks, shelves, bins, and tables creatively to create your space that is perfect for you.


When it comes to tools, hooks are your best friend. Most tools can be hung from a board that you set up; if it’s a pegboard with movable pegs and hooks, even better. This allows you to organize and reorganize as your tool collection grows and changes. When tools are hung up rather than stacked on a shelf or in a box, they are all within easy reach; no searching or sifting through piles of stuff is necessary. And when you really need a tool, the chances are good that the last thing you need is to spend ages looking for the only one you need.

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