shutterstock_76410697We’re deep within Fall, and with that comes fall fashion! Finally, light jackets, cozy sweaters, fashion scarves, and cute boots can make their comeback for the year (or their debut, depending on how recently you’ve shopped). But which styles are the hottest this year? What are the main trends you need to know about to update your fall fashion? Let’s look at some of the big ones.

Monochromatic outfits
Everything is about monochromatic outfits these days. Wear all one color to appear tall, slim, and shocking (in a good way). Gray, in particular, is a favored color for the monochromatic style this fall, as well as other neutral colors such as brown, beige, and as many shades of gray as you can think of. Choose a color and go for it to impress those around you.

Vintage has always been a big part of fashion, but never more so than this fall. The key is in using vintage clothing and accessories tastefully. At the moment, fringe is in style, so anything with fringe goes. Whether it’s a bag, boot, or something else, fringe is fine this fall. Don’t be afraid to take risks, and use subtle flares (in the sleeves of a blouse or dress, for example) to your advantage. Vintage prints are also in, so don’t leave that 1970’s dress in the back of your closet — take it out and accessorize it for a modern, chic look!

Girly and Boyish
These days borrowing certain styles from the boys isn’t a bad thing — try out some loafers that are in a traditional male style, but with some femme add-ons like jewels or sparkles. Combine in-your-face sparkles and diamonds with black and white standard boy-like attire, whether it’s suit jackets, collared blouses, or briefcases. You’ll love putting your unique approach to the look!

This fall’s chic look is all about leather and grunge. Wear black leather shoes, leggings, and a bag, but combine them with a red or green plaid flannel button up shirt and band tank top or t-shirt for a fun, edgy chic look. Plaid is big this fall, so don’t brush it off as a casual look — it can be perfectly stylish too –  as long as it’s combined with the right attire! Wear some edgy red lipstick to add icing to the cake.

Blocks of color
The technical term is called “color blocking,” and it’s a big thing this fall. Combine pieces of clothing with bright blocks of different colors (bright red, inky black, vanilla beige, and slate gray, for example). Choose one color to “pop” (such as the bright red) and the rest as a bold accent of that color. Some people find this style to be a little too intense for them, so they simply accessorize with these colors and styles instead. This can work well too, as it updates and brightens an otherwise boring or regular look. It all comes down to how you present the look you’re going for.

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