shutterstock_70784296Although our primary purpose is to help you make space in your closet, it never hurts to tidy things up and begin again from scratch. Here is a collection of some of the best advice from the fashion internet on what should stay.

Black pants

Every woman (and man, too) needs one pair of flattering black pants. It is a fashion staple that has stuck around for generations, and will likely be around for generations more. Black pants also have the added benefit of being able to be paired with just about anything else in your closet.

Dress Shirt

The best kind of dress shirt is a French cuff dress shirt, since it is simply elegant but classic, making an otherwise simple outfit look especially fashionable. This, like the black pants staple, is likely going to remain in fashion for quite some time. Mix it with the black pants for a perfect, all-around classy look – both in the office and for a San Antonio family get-together.

Black Heels

Black leather pumps are the go-to for any fashion forward female. Your grandmother probably wore them, your mother wears them, you wear them, and your daughter will probably wear them. No matter what the rest of your outfit looks like, black heels will always go with it.

Day Dress

Although rather underused these days, day dresses will never lose their class and acceptability in daytime social festivities. Whether it’s semi-formal, fully formal, or another kind of occasion, a day dress is always a good idea to have around.

Little Black Dress

It may sound cliche, but the little black dress has never gone out of style and never will. If you have a simple one with a classic v-neck cut and fitted waist, it will never stop looking good on you, and it will be useful time and time again. Whether it’s cocktail parties or dinner gatherings, your little black dress will always come in handy.

Elegant Clutch

The perfect case for going out, find a clutch that will fit the cell phone, money, keys, and Chapstick (or lipstick, depending on your preference). The best clutches also have a chain strap that can be hidden away, letting you drape the clutch safely over yourself when your hands are busy with other things (namely, holding your drink).



More than a scarf, this should be a scarf that can also serve as a wrap. It can go with your evening dress or add color to an otherwise bland outfit. It will keep you a bit warmer on chilly nights, or add flair when you’re going casual for the day.

Chunky Cardigan

Just about any cardigan will do, but a chunky cardigan is an excellent addition to a casual, fashionable item. Whether it’s paired with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, or a black skirt and more fashionable top, chunky cardigans are always a practical choice.


In the end, you have to decide for yourself what fashion staple items need to stay in your closet – think long and hard about which ones have come in handy the most, for the widest variety of activities, and that make you look your best.

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