shutterstock_176874443For those with smaller budgets (or who simply prefer to be money conscious), DIY projects are often the best way to get things done. Even for bigger projects in the household, such as revamping your closet design, costs can be kept low just by installing and doing all the work yourself. If you have the time for it, a DIY closet design project may be an option.

Just remember, what you save in money you will be paying in time; planning, purchasing, and installation all come with their own sets of obstacles. Let’s look at some of the best (and cheapest) DIY closet design tips.

Research online

It may seem obvious (and by reading this article you have already begun with this step), but researching closet design ideas online is a really great way to compare all the options out there. If you go to a hardware store, you might get to see a few options, but it is much easier to research everything on the market by checking it out online. Pictures showing how it works, reviews from people who have tried various systems, and infinite numbers of Google searches for even your silliest of questions can all be found or done in a matter of minutes, saving you quite a lot of time.

For people who prefer to compare physical examples in stores, start with the online research to narrow down your product selection and design plans, and find out where you can find these products. Head to the store then to check out your shortlisted ideas, and you’ll find you’ve already saved yourself quite a lot of time this way too.

Manufacturers often have their own online design planning tools that you can use for free as well. This will help with the initial stages of figuring out how you want your closet to look. Simply fill in the dimensions and voila! You’ve got yourself a design.

Use wire fixtures

For the most cost-effective and yet practical solution for your closet, try using wire fixtures instead of wood or other materials. This is especially cost effective if you purchase fixed wire rather than adjustable wire systems (which are as much as 20% more expensive). Wire also has the added bonus of allowing air to ventilate your clothes and move through the closet.

Opt for doors instead of drawers

Drawers added to shelves tend to be expensive, but if you want the same amount of privacy for a lower cost you can simply add doors to your shelves. This is a significantly lower cost but comes with many of the same benefits as having drawers installed.

Remove the closet doors before beginning

This is an excellent tip for any DIYer: take the doors off the hinges before starting on your hardware installation. The last thing you want is ruining the doors of your closet, and it gives you the added bonus of having more space for working.

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