shutterstock_207713227Often, people overlook remodeling their laundry room to make it functional and appealing to the eyes. However, laundry rooms do not have to be a dull play where you put all your dirty clothes.

This article is going to show you awesome design ideas to create a practical laundry room that you look forward to being in. You may be surprised to find that laundry rooms can be so fabulous.

Here are a few things to consider when remodeling your laundry room.

  1. If the problem you are facing is that your laundry room is it is too small, then your focus is to maximize the space. This will affect where you place the washer and dryer and whether you add cabinetry.
  2. It is best to stick to lighter colors for the walls including any furniture you may add to keep the space bright and airy.
  3. Make use of the space behind the door. This could be a great place to hang clothes, put your detergent and more.
  4. Another way to save space is to place a hamper between the washer and dryer and install a countertop above the washer and dryer to make the top part flat.

Some other design ideas include:

Storage in your laundry room

Build tall, convenient upper cabinets, modern countertops, and complimentary flooring. If there are windows in your space, add a nice desk office facing the window. This is a laundry room you will look forward to being in.

The classic look

Combine classic with modern by putting tons of counter and cupboard space with a stylish washing machine setup. This look makes doing laundry a pleasant experience.


The Stylish Laundry Room

This incredible design offers more than enough cabinets and storage while ravishing you with plenty of bright light and fashionable style.


Polished Basement Design

This look has a gorgeous metallic paint job with a matte finish. It features a unique layout with lighting placed under the cabinets, a sink perfectly positioned next to the washer and dryer with plenty of counter space to complete a very stylish design.


All White Laundry Room

For a soft, clean design, go all white. This laundry room is simple with the right amount of shelves and cabinets to keep your space neat and organized.







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