shutterstock_224528182Nearly everyone has at least one area in their home that is not as neat and organized as they would like. For some reason, you just can’t seem to get this space together. We feel your pain!

The coat closet often makes most people’s list of cluttered, unorganized places in their home. Plus, the larger your family, the more of a problem it probably is. Most people can barely even open their coat closets without stepping into a mess. Plus, if you have kids, you are most likely familiar with them throwing their book bags, shoes and whatever else on the floor in the closet rather than putting it away neatly.

This article is going to help you experience, maybe even for the first time, an annoyance-free coat closet

Get Creative and Build

The first step to getting your closet in order is to add more unique, creative ways to store everything. Add a fresh coat of paint and liven it up. Try cutting the lower shelf in half and putting up a wall in the middle, you can easily add a couple of coat racks on one side of the closet. Place one coat rack over the other way to maximize space.

The kid’s backpacks, shoes, and other miscellaneous items can be stored on the other side.

You will need to purchase a center board and “L” brackets to connect the boards to the top shelf. This could be as inexpensive as $15-$20 if you know where to shop. You can find a support bracket to hold up the shelf for only a couple of bucks.

Believe it or not, you are going to end up with more space to work with by using two coat rods instead of one. If you have kids, it is much easier to put their coats on the bottom rod and hang the adult coats on top. If they keep their backpacks in the coat closet, hang hooks on one side where they can hang them. This way your kids can start learning early to hang up their stuff.

Organize Like a Pro

Buy some nice bins to place on the floor for scarves, hats, and even sports gear. This option is great for children since it is easy for them to reach. If you don’t want to utilize the floor space, or simply have no need for it, the lower shelf is still there for bins you can use to store miscellaneous things.
This shelf can also be for travel equipment/items, bags, cameras or whatever else you can think of. Don’t forget your sunglasses, keys and shoes!
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your coat closet in order. Keep it simple, and you can have something that works perfectly for the entire family!

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