So, you find yourself with a very common problem – You are running out of closet space, and you don’t know what to do about it. You may be presented with a few challenges, such as you don’t want to get rid of anything or tear down any walls to make more closet space.

Many people have very busy schedules that do not allow for them to spend additional time every morning digging through piles of stuff in an overloaded closet. If you are a fashion lover or simply enjoy updating your wardrobe in some of the local San Antonio shops from time to time, then the last thing you want is to have nowhere to put your new things.

Sometimes you end up feeling like you will have to give up something just to create the space you need. This is where getting custom closets from a local San Antonio manufacturer comes into play.

The perfect closet does await you. There are just a few steps needed to determine exactly which custom closet design suits you best.

During our in-home consultation, it is important for us to see precisely what the situation is with your closet so we can better determine what is needed. First we will need to figure out just how many dresses, suits, ties, shirts, hats, shoes and pants you own. You may be very surprised to find out that you actually have more space in your closet then you think.

When you have a small space, the goal is to figure out a way to efficiently utilize the space you already have and collectively create a design you can be excited about. You will want to fall in love with your new closet space, making getting ready in the morning a breeze.

For starters, we will take whatever space is available for use and raise it up to the ceiling. We want to take advantage of any space whatsoever. Based on the amount of clothing items you have we will separate the usable space just right to provide the adequate storage, such as hanging space, shelves and drawers for everything you own.

Sometimes once all the proper storage has been put into place there is space for some great additional touches for an even fancier look. We may be able to add things like nice mirrors, glass shelving, cubbies in various areas and decorative panels. There is always the possibility of shoe shelves to showcase and organize your footwear. No space will go without being fully utilized for your convenience.

We will provide one of the best custom closet creations San Antonio has to offer. Our customers say we can work miracles. Quite often, they are amazed at how much space they have in the same small closet they once had. To see the type of magic we can do with your closet space, contact us today. We are available for free in-house consultations in the San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Victoria areas.

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