shutterstock_414427738If you are ready to make getting your kids ready for school much easier, then we have some great tips and tricks in store for you. The steps below can help organize your kid’s closet in a low-stress manner so that getting them ready during the school year can be low-stress as well.

Let your child help organize

Start by clearing out unwanted things. Unfortunately, letting go of things can be hard for children. Sometimes kids get attached to certain items, so instead of throwing them away, place them in storage for a month. Then after the 4-week period, see if your child still wants them.

Children tend to want to help their parents with household chores.  Take advantage of this. This way, organizing the closet becomes teamwork and a bonding experience as you both decide what items your child needs.

  1. Let your little one accompany you to the donation center where you can help them understand why donating things they no longer need is helpful for other kids.
  2. Clothes that your child has outgrown can be taken to a resale shop, and then let your children select new clothes.
  3. Yard sales are a great way to clear out clutter, plus afterward, your child can keep the money made from the event.

The best way to organize school clothes

Getting the closet organized can both reduce morning stress and give your child a sense of confidence.

  1. Your back to school closet organization can be easier with closet organizers. Use them to enhance the space and separate clothes by pants, skirts, shirts, and so on.
  2. School uniforms can be separated from weekend clothing, so it is easier to find the items you need.
  3. Use hooks on the backs of doors and in the closet for hats, jackets, and accessories.

Closet organizers for young kids

Yes, preschoolers can have organized closets too. This is actually the best time to involve your child in choosing their own clothes for school and learning to dress themselves Once your child is about 4 years old they will prefer to do things by themselves. Closet organization is also useful in tuning fine motor skills such as – buttoning a button and learning the difference between front and back.

Here are more tips to make getting dressed before school much easier:

  • Get your child up earlier enough to get ready without rushing.
  • Make rules. Make sure they only watch TV once they are dressed and ready to walk out the door.
  • Create a calendar or to-do-list that your kids see every day and are responsible for checking off all their morning duties. This can significantly reduce time.
  • Your child’s closet should be set up just for them, and organized so they can reach their clothing.

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