shutterstock_159129881There is so much that can be done with a closet door, and depending on your type of space, there are also endless options. With sliding, pocket and bi-fold styles, and tons of other styles to choose from, the choices for closet doors are versatile, fun and can complement any room! Here are some ideas to jazz up a room just with a closet door choice.

Sliding Door

If you are going for an industrial chic look, a sliding closet door could be a great option. For areas that you are looking to make space savers, yet give a modern, industrial feel, metal, sliding closet door could be just the ticket. It’s durable and a definite eyepiece. For an area that you want to give a softer side, a wooden shower door with a barn door feel could be a great option. You could choose to keep the doors in their natural state, or paint them an eye-popping color for that instant “wow” factor.

For rooms that have more space-saving closets, but not an industrial feel, a sliding door option could still be a good choice. A pocket door would be a wonderful option to make a room fresh and still give the room a modern aesthetic. If you are looking to do something simple, clean and natural, a closet door can be as easy as hanging a curtain. A curtain is a great way to conceal a closet bursting with extra stuff or a way to expand your storage space.

Bi-Fold Door

Bi-fold doors can sometimes have a dated impression. These types of closet doors, however, are all about how they are accented. A bi-fold closet door can be modernized with a cool patterned wall or with updated accessories for the door handles that give the door extra flare. Another fabulous accent to bi-fold doors is adding mirrors. This inexpensive addition can not only upgrade a closet door but can also be a functional necessity for getting ready in the morning.

Paneled Door

As rooms have moved towards more Asian fusion trends, white or wood paneled closet doors have also become options for rooms that are going for a more minimalist, natural feel. These types of closet doors can create a calming vibe, as well as be combined with screens to expand space if needed.

Sometimes what you might be looking for in transforming a closet door is not something that you can find the complete solution straight out of a box. You can use many different personal aesthetics to give a closet the extra impact you want it to have in a room. Using artwork to decorate panels, a funky curtain patterns or pops of color on my space saving option can be instrumental in giving a closet space a little flare. Taking a look at the closet door you have and figuring out if it is something you can jazz up on its own or replace and make it work for the room is the first step in making any closet fit the room that it’s in.

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