shutterstock_18323734When designing your closet, it is important to choose a style and color scheme that fits you and works with the rest of your home. A custom closet allows you to get exactly what you want in the way you like it. You can design a closet that complements your home’s existing architecture, or you can make it stand out in your own unique way.

Let’s look at some of the current best color and style options out there.

Shaker Style

Closets designed in the Shaker style are excellent for rustic or more classic home designs. The colors are generally wood hues that tend to appear more homemade, but the beauty of the Shaker style is that it also includes the high quality that comes with any custom closet design. In other words, the quality isn’t homemade at all! Whether it’s for your country cabin-style home or your actual cabin on the lake or in the woods, Shaker style might be the ideal choice for you.

Premier Style

If the design of your home reeks of elegance, then the premier style custom closet is probably perfect. They have a Victorian feeling to them, with their intricate layers of architecture that you do not typically find with other closet designs, including sunken panels and beveling. Most often found in black or white, the Premier style custom closets can be designed in all sorts of closets. As the name implies, Premiers are for high society homes designed with regality in mind.

Modern Style

The best modern closets are barely noticeable — they are sleek, simple, and go perfectly into your modern style home. This is the best choice for people who do not want their closets to pop out from the rest of their home. They instead prefer their closets to blend into the background while still complementing the simple, modern look of their home.

Flat Panel Style

Similar to the Modern style closets, Flat Panel closets are sleek and shiny rather than sleek and blending in. They go great in modern, basic, and even masculine designs, and the single panel means they are a breeze to clean. Some might describe this style as ‘futuristic,’ making them different from any other style of closet.

Pillowtop Style

Pillowtop closets are the best choice for people who enjoy the more modern looks of the Modern or Flat Panel styles but don’t like the harsh edges that go with it. Pillowtop closets are soft and simple, yet architecturally interesting. They are especially warm when they come in a soft wood hue, brightening the feeling of the rooms they occupy.

Raised-Panel Style

As far as complexity goes, the Raised Panel style is at the top of the list. These closets are perfect for a modern but elegant home, perhaps looking their best in a white or black. They are excellent for people who like their modern home design but don’t like the over simplicity or harsh edges that come with so many modern designs.

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