Closet Accessories

Drawers and cabinets alone do not make a quality closet. The best storage solutions are customized to make sure there is a well-designed home for everything that you may need to store.

For example, in clothing storage alone there are countless shapes and varieties of accessories that need customization. We offer many options, and a free in-home consultation will help you determine exactly which options will be best for your home.

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A sliding belt rack can make it easy to store your belts, keeping them in good shape and helping to make sure they don’t get tangled, so you can quickly grab the belt that matches your outfit each morning. We also offer a slide-out scarf rack, so you can quickly pick the scarf that will keep you warm or stylish throughout the day. Similarly, a valet rod and sliding tie rack can keep all of your ties organized and unwrinkled to be quickly glanced through as you get dressed each morning, while a pull-out pants rack serves the same purpose for your pants, keeping them crisp and pressed so that you look your best.

A wardrobe lift can provide a short, extra clothing rod, leaving space for air-drying clothes, planning upcoming outfits, or simply extra storage. A laundry valet is a second great option for storing those clothes that you would like to wear a second time before washing, or things that are ready to go to the cleaners. To make sure all of your laundry is quick and easy to get done, we can also include a fold-out ironing board or hidden laundry baskets in your closet.

Shelf fences provide a great place to store shoes so that you can see at a glance the footwear that you own, and not worry about mismatched pairs cluttering the floor of your closet. Shoes can be one of the most difficult things to store because they are one of the bulkiest pieces of clothing, so shelf fences are an incredibly popular offering. For that other popular accessory – jewelry- we offer jewelry trays to keep your beloved necklaces, earrings and bracelets organized, untangled, and treated with the care they deserve.

For those things you would rather not see every day, we can add sliding metal baskets, basket wraps, and pull-out baskets, on top of the traditional drawer and cupboard options. Many of these accessories can be designed to your size specifications so that you get the most use possible out of your limited closet square footage.

Finally, for the most important purpose of a well-designed closet, which is to keep you looking your best. We offer a slide-out swivel mirror, so you can check out your outfit from a variety of angles. Make sure you look good from the back while contemplating which necklace will look best with that top – all from the convenience of your closet.

Get in touch today to learn more about the many closet accessories we offer that will keep your closet, pantry, home office or garage organized.

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