shutterstock_705159319Every homeowner dreams of having a customized walk-in closet. There are different layouts and designs to choose from on the market these days. You can even design your own closet. All you need is to choose the best layout for your home.  

Preparing to Build a Walk-in Closet 

Preparing your home for a walk-in closet does not require any special knowledge of carpentry. You can actually build it yourself and come up with your dream DIY walk-in closet. It may seem like a high-level project if you are new to the DIY closet-building game.  

But, the truth is, you can build a walk-in closet yourself in a few days. These are the instructions on how to build your walk-in closet. 

Choose a Location for Your Walk-In Closet 

When it comes to deciding where to build your walk-in closet, you have two options: 

  • Alcove – In your desired room, there is a possibility for you to frame off an alcove. This will allow you to build a walk-in closet with substantial space. 
  • Open Layout – Your room may have an open layout. If this is the case, along one or two existing walls, you have the capability to frame a space to build an even larger walk-in closet. 

If you decide to demolish any walls in your room to create space for your walk-in closet, ensure none of the walls is load-bearing. Cutting through a load-bearing wall can cause damage to your home.  

It is also very dangerous and expensive to fix. It may not be easy to tell whether a wall is load-bearing. If you are not certain about it, you can contact your local closet designers for assistance. 

Design Your Walk-In Closet Layout 

Designing the layout which is preferable to you for your closet is very important, as this is a decision you’ll have to live with for years to come. There are questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on a closet layout: 

  • What are you going to store in your closet?  
  • Is it clothes, shoes and/or accessories? 
  • How much stuff do you need to store in your closet? 

Once you’re clear on answers to these questions, you can now draw up a rough sketch of your walk-in closet. Begin testing on mock layouts and determine the dimensions of the space you intend to use.  

It will be easier for you to work on your San Antonio closet space after you find the best layout. If you’re having trouble coming up with the best closet layout for you, contact your local San Antonio experts at Closet Connection 

Get a free design consultation for the creative closet solutions you’ve been dreaming about for your San Antonio home.  

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