shutterstock_132961508When it comes to organizing your closet, the possibilities are endless. So are the number of tips you can find on the internet. Some are clever and cute, others might sound helpful at first but end up just adding more clutter to your closet space instead of being useful. We have compiled a list of our favorite, simple but useful closet hacks. Most importantly, they are all cheap (or free)!

Clothes hanger color coding

This is a great tip that is easy to do, especially if you already have various colors of clothes hangers in your closet. You can simply use different colors (or styles) of hangers for different seasons or types of clothing. This will be especially helpful if you are looking for one specific item or if you are packing for a trip.

These boots are made for…hanging?

Are your shoes cluttering the floor of your closet? Do you have the perfect spot for all your shoes – except when it comes to the larger sizes of boots? Do you just really love boots?! You can use pants hangers to clip your boots and hang them in the closet, therefore keeping them from lying on the floor.

Linen Lineup

You probably have lost some serious time to searching for your matching linens, since you likely (like most people) store your pillowcases, fitted sheets, and top sheets separately. Why not make things simpler? Just store everything that matches in one of the pillowcases from the set. It takes up the same amount of space and looks cuter. Problem solved!

Pop up your closet space

Do you need more closet space, but realistically can’t (or don’t want to) physically increase the square footage of your closet? If it’s hanging clothes you need more room for, try using a pop tab from your next can of Diet Coke to combine two hangers together. Simply loop one of the holes over the first hanger, then hang the second hanger lower, through the second hole in the pop tab. Voila! Double the space.

Scarf Central

If you are a lover of scarves, you will be a lover of this closet hack. You can simply tie all (or some) of your scarves to one hanger. This will help them stay neatly in a row, allowing you to see all your options before you even need to take one out of the closet.


A second way to consolidate your scarves is to display them in your actual bedroom (and not just hide them in the closet). This can look decorative and fun while serving a practical purpose. Try a line of string and clothespins for a put-together, decorative approach.

Purse Potential

Our final favorite method for improving your closet life is to hang a wine rack on the wall and use it to display all of your purse options. This can go inside the closet or outside and visible from your bedroom. Either way, it will take the mess out of picking a bag for your day.

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