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Many older homes tend to have a lack of closet space. The same goes for some ultra-modern apartments. Some places come with no closet space at all. This leaves you challenged when it comes to storage. But, with a little creativity, you’ll be just fine. No closet? Not an issue. 7 Tips to Organize Your […]

One thing most can agree on is that standard closets are not famous for their space efficiency. And, that goes double when planning a baby’s closet. Those long closet rods and widely spaced shelves leave the closet with so much wasted space. There’s a way to organize your baby’s closet, so you put that unused […]

Tired of going through the long morning routine of getting your child up and dressed for school each day? Well, you can streamline the entire routine by transforming your child’s closet into an organized space. Organizing your kid’s closet will help make your life easier, in many ways. 5 Steps to Creating an Organized Kid’s […]

Large closets have been increasing growing in popularity. However, since storage and space are so vital these days, it’s important to make sure your walk-in closet is fully-functional. That’s why many homeowners are creatively utilizing empty space within theirs, to create storage-friendly, functional closets in 2017, also known as boutique closets. 2017 Home Builder Trends […]

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get your closet fully organized. That’s because it holds a ton, which is too much to keep in one closet. And, as long as you keep holding onto your favorite jeans from college days and stilettos from three seasons ago, it’ll stay that way. […]

The material used to build a closet should be chosen not just for efficiency and durability, but for design and style as well. Knowing what’s trending in closet materials can help you make the right choices for your closet design. You want to choose materials that are in style, yet compliment your own personal tastes. […]