shutterstock_277148084It’s a simple question, right? How do I best organize my clothes in my closet? If you’ve asked this question before, you probably understand that the answer is far from simple. You have likely tried organizing your clothes based on their color, organizing it with outfits, or sorting based on the type of clothing. Some may have worked — all of them probably worked in their own way — but ultimately there is (unfortunately) no right answer to this question. In the end, you have to figure out which one is best for you.

Organizing by Outfit

If you are someone who likes to plan ahead and keep things in order, the outfit approach might be for you. It also works wonders for people who don’t function well in the morning. If the outfits are already set up for you, you simply need to check the weather, grab one, and go!

That being said, organizing your clothes by outfit is fairly restrictive. Mixing and matching is made more difficult for the bold and creative types, and trying out new styles is also hindered to a certain extent. Worse yet, your closet will seem disorganized because of the nature of this approach so the aesthetic aspect of your closet will drop a few notches.

Organizing by Color

Organizing your closet by color is not only a great way to easily and quickly access the different wardrobe parts to fit together into a cohesive outfit, but it also a good way to identify when you have too much of one thing. If you have multiple blue sweaters but no black ones, for instance, it will be instantly clear. You can, therefore, use this method to improve your wardrobe selection and keep things simple rather than over-buying more than you need.

If your only method of organization is to do it by color, however, then you might run into some trouble. Even if you match or combine the colors perfectly together, without also classifying by the type of clothing you could end up with a perfect color combo — but with two pairs of pants.

Organizing by Type

Organizing by type means arranging your clothes so that the pants are next to pants, dress shirts are by other dress shirts, dresses are together, and so on. You can organize it as in-depth as you prefer, depending on how big your personal wardrobe actually is. If you have a particularly complicated wardrobe, you may also want to organize by color.

If you’re not someone who enjoys figuring out an outfit based on the individual clothing items that you have, then perhaps organizing by type and/or color is not the best way to go. Some people will manage this by taking photos of certain outfits and posting them inside their closet, therefore allowing them to see the outfit in its entirety to make picking out the individual items a breeze.

In general, simplicity and convenience are key. If it’s an organizational method that doesn’t make things easier for you, then it defeats the whole purpose of organizing it in the first place. Keep things simple!


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