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Every homeowner dreams of having a customized walk-in closet. There are different layouts and designs to choose from on the market these days. You can even design your own closet. All you need is to choose the best layout for your home.   Preparing to Build a Walk-in Closet  Preparing your home for a walk-in closet does not require any special knowledge of carpentry. You can actually build it yourself and come up […]

Men might not have massive fashion collections. But a man’s closet still needs to be well designed and organized. Male closets are becoming their mini man caves in houses of today. As a matter of fact, the mini man cave turns out to be the dream closet for men.  Christina Aguilera’s Fiancé Has a Mini Man Cave  The famous pop star Christina Aguilera shares her home with her fiancé Matt Rutler. […]

Most people don’t put much love into their laundry rooms. It’s that room “over there” that just so happens to house your washing machine and dryer. Some come equipped with cabinets and/or shelves. Others have a table somewhere used for folding up laundry.   Your laundry room can be an efficient space, so you don’t dread […]

These days, people want their closets to be extraordinarily functional. They want to maximize their closet space, while keeping it organized. Using the right storage elements helps you take full advantage of this precious space.  Here are five closet design trends that customized closet designers will be working hard to create in 2018:  1. Shoe Shelving  […]

New Year’s 2018 is almost here. For many of us, that many new resolutions and new beginnings. It’s another chance to hit refresh and restart on many aspects of your life. And, when it comes to your closet, that’s exactly what you need to do.  5 Tips to Organizing Your Closet for the Upcoming Year  […]

How do you intend to make the best of Thanksgiving 2017 if your pantry is still in chaos at the moment? Thanksgiving is a little more than cooking and entertaining guests. It is also about kitchen organization, which is necessary to make your meal prep go smoothly. Your pantry is a small storage space for […]

The average working individual is not always tidy at home. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman. Very busy people rarely have time to keep their home’s organized. But, during the holidays, organizing your closets could make life much easier when the fun is all over. Tidying up the home and arranging things […]

When fall comes around, fashion follows. It’s an exciting time for you fashionistas — boots and scarves, here we come! But with all the excitement and focus centering around acquiring new clothing, the closet you already have is easily forgotten. This is how things start to pile up. So, this year, spend a little time […]

For those with smaller budgets (or who simply prefer to be money conscious), DIY projects are often the best way to get things done. Even for bigger projects in the household, such as revamping your closet design, costs can be kept low just by installing and doing all the work yourself. If you have the […]