shutterstock_207713227Are you trying to figure out how to add more options for places to sleep in your house?

You could be looking for a place for your in-laws to stay, or maybe you are having guests over, or maybe you have more kids than bed space. Either way, having a Murphy bed could be the solution to your problem.

Murphy beds are also called a wall bed and are so convenient because of their ability to fold up on the wall and be completely out of the way. These are great to use where you have limited space. If this is your scenario, keep reading to learn the ways you can benefit from having a Murphy bed in your home.

Increase the functionality of your rooms

With a Murphy bed, you can make one room serve multiple purposes. You can place a wall bed into your office to easily turn it into an extra bedroom whenever you need to. Now that room can serve more than one purpose in a matter is minutes.

Having one in the kid’s rooms makes it so much easier for them to have plenty of space to play during the day especially when there is no other room for them to play in.

Additional space

The largest benefit of a wall bed is its ability to easily add more space. When you are no longer using it, neatly fold it up, and you have that space available during the day for exercise, playing or whatever you choose.

Refined style

Wall beds are becoming increasingly more popular again with better-sophisticated designs than they previously had. The designs could include wall-mounting systems that can be easily moved to a different place if need be. You can purchase special straps made to make sure the bedding never gets messed up when you put the bed away each morning.

Finding a style fits your needs is not terribly hard. There are plenty of wall bed designs to choose from. Here are are a few:

Bi-fold Murphy bed

This bed looks like a very nice cabinet during the day, but when you are ready to go to sleep, open the doors and pull down the bed. It comes in a twin, full or queen size and is very comfortable to sleep on.

Library Murphy bed

If you prefer beautiful bookshelves, then this may be the right one for you. When it is time to rest, the shelves pull apart showing a queen-size wall bed. This bed is easy to fold and unfold requiring only takes one person to get the job done.

Flip-up desk Murphy bed

This is the bed that goes well in an office or bedroom. When you flip the bed up, it reveals a desk on the bottom side of the mattress that can conveniently use when you have the bed folded up.

At Closet Connections, we carry a great variety of Murphy bed designs that your San Antonio area home will love.


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