shutterstock_410906167Tired of going through the long morning routine of getting your child up and dressed for school each day? Well, you can streamline the entire routine by transforming your child’s closet into an organized space. Organizing your kid’s closet will help make your life easier, in many ways.

5 Steps to Creating an Organized Kid’s Closet

Use these closet organizing secrets to create a kid’s closet that keeps things in order… and fun!

1. Create a Hanging System in Your Kid’s Closet

When hanging clothes up in the closet, be sure to hand items that are similar together, for example, coats, slacks, jeans, dresses, skirts, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, etc… That way, you child can easily choose the gear she/he wants to wear, and put them back again. Also, designate a space where your child can lay out clothes for the next day.

2. Use the Door to Help Organize Your Kid’s Closet

The inside of the closet door can be used to hang things over the door. Simply install a multipurpose, over-the-door organizer, and use it to store everything from belts to game pieces, from hair bows to purses. You can even add hooks for hanging up robes, coats and wet raincoats.

3. Make Room for Toys in Your Kid’s Closet

If your child is like most, toys take up more space than just about anything else in the bedroom. Closet storage is a great way to keep those toys out of sight, yet organized, which makes clean-up easier too. Buy organizing tools that your child can continue to use as he/she grows. Hanging organizers make it simple to organize and store blocks, stuffed animals, books, doll clothes, model cars, etc…

4. Make Your Kid’s Closet Kid-Friendly

When you make items more accessible, it’s easier for your child to take part in the “getting ready” proves. Install a closet rod that lower, so it’s easier to hang and unhang clothes. This also gives you an extra row of hanging space in your child’s closet. Find tools to organize things that don’t need to be hung up, such as dirty clothes laundry sorter, or coordinating bins for storing smaller apparel items like socks, underwear, pajamas and play clothes.

5. Make Your Kid’s Closet Fun

Allow your child’s personality to shine through in the closet’s décor ad style. Add some color drawer knobs, playful wallpaper or paint and some fun decals to the walls and ceiling. Make your child closet a fun place to visit.

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