shutterstock_499541422When fall comes around, fashion follows. It’s an exciting time for you fashionistas — boots and scarves, here we come! But with all the excitement and focus centering around acquiring new clothing, the closet you already have is easily forgotten. This is how things start to pile up. So, this year, spend a little time cleaning out your closet for the fall to make room for the new fall clothing you’re dying to buy.

1. Get rid of some summer clothes

Now that you just spent three or so months wearing your summer clothing and you won’t need to wear it for almost another year, you’re in the perfect position to know exactly what you want to keep and exactly what you never wear. Take advantage and sort through your summer items. If you didn’t wear something at all this summer, the chances are good that you won’t wear it next summer. Donate it or sell it to a consignment store.

The opposite type of clothing should also be gotten rid of: clothes that you wore just about every day (or so it may have felt) throughout the whole summer. Some of these may be starting to get a little worn or ragged. If that is the case, bite the bullet and recycle these clothing items. NOTE: be sure to recycle them rather than just throwing them in the trash; almost 100% of clothing items are recyclable. Why waste when your beloved, tattered clothes could be put to another kind of use?

2. Move other summer items to storage

One great way to keep your closet organized is to remove items that are not currently in season and store them elsewhere. This applies to any summer item that is essentially impossible to wear in September and beyond, even if just for style reasons.

3. Pull out your fall favorites

While fall is all about adding to your wardrobe, some timeless classics work for every autumn season. Pull out your jackets, scarves, your long sleeves, and your cute boots. It’s time to start layering (which is one of the best parts of this season)! Make them easy to access, so you’re prepared for the season right off the bat.

4. Organize your closet and shelves

Since you’re reorganizing your seasonal clothing items anyway, now is the time to organize everything according to how often you use it. Things you wear daily during the fall (think t-shirts, cardigans, and jeans) should be somewhere within easy reach, such as toward the front. Put your adorable fall favorites somewhere nearby (also easy to access but not in the top spot), and put the transitional summer/fall clothing in the lowest priority spot — warm days could still randomly pop up, after all!

5. Actually clean

Cleaning out your closet often has more to do with organizing than it does cleaning. But why not dust off your shelves and do a quick spray of the surfaces so you can start the season knowing everything is actually clean?

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