shutterstock_512958193How do you intend to make the best of Thanksgiving 2017 if your pantry is still in chaos at the moment? Thanksgiving is a little more than cooking and entertaining guests. It is also about kitchen organization, which is necessary to make your meal prep go smoothly.
Your pantry is a small storage space for storing foods, wines and dishes, among other things. During the holidays, it needs to be well-organized, so you can quickly find what you need to create a successful Thanksgiving meal.

4 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Pantry for the Thanksgiving Feast Preparations

To make your Thanksgiving 2017 a breeze, apply the following four pantry organization tips:

1. Put Everything in Its Proper Place

Arranging your pantry is key to laying your hands on whatever you need when you want it, without having to search for it. Arrange everything in its proper place within your pantry. Dry food, moist food, wine, plates, cutleries and everything else must be arranged correctly so you can find it with ease.
Clean out your pantry and toss out any bad and expired food. Also, give away any foods that are about to expire or go bad. Use your keen eye to organize everything in your pantry so you don’t face off with confusion while preparing your family’s Thanksgiving Day feast.

2. Store Things in Labeled Food Jars

Storing dry food items and other pantry goods in identical containers makes for easy arrangement and storage. Plus, it makes your pantry look awesome. The containers must be well-labeled with what each contains – packaged grains, pastas, flour, seasonings, etc.
Storage jars must be airtight so that stored items will not spoil too quickly. All the jars or containers within the pantry should be labeled with product names, purchase dates and expiration date. This will ensure that family members do not use or consume expired products while preparing the meal for Thanksgiving.

3. Move the Party Out of The Kitchen

Many people have a habit of entertaining company in the kitchen, especially during the holidays. The kitchen becomes a mess after the company is gone, and the pantry suffers a lot of damage.
Food items should travel from the pantry to the kitchen and then to the dining room. If you don’t want guests to help themselves to your food and interfere with your pantry arrangement, then it is best to keep guests far away from the kitchen, and subsequently, your organized pantry.

4. Make a Habit of Locking Up Your Pantry Against Critters

Mice and rodents love dry food, but you should never hand over your pantry to them. You must keep your stored foods airtight against rats and cockroaches, among other vermin. These creatures damage your food items and waste them all over the place.
They also contaminate food items and make them unsafe for consumption. Block out any holes where they can enter into your pantry. And, put rat poison in conspicuous places only rats can get to in extreme cases.
If you apply yourself to proper pantry organization, you will find cooking for Thanksgiving 2017 a complete breeze. Everything will be in its place and within reach. The cooking and partying will turn out a great. This 2017 holiday will be a memorable event if you prepare your Thanksgiving Day meal using goods from an organized kitchen pantry.
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