shutterstock_305640449Men might not have massive fashion collections. But a man’s closet still needs to be well designed and organized. Male closets are becoming their mini man caves in houses of today. As a matter of fact, the mini man cave turns out to be the dream closet for men. 

Christina Aguilera’s Fiancé Has a Mini Man Cave 

The famous pop star Christina Aguilera shares her home with her fiancé Matt Rutler. Each one of them has their own closets in the house. His closet is his dream space. Every little memory from his childhood days is cherished and kept in that mini man cave of his.  

This includes his clustered collection of magnets. He is an example of men who have turned their closets into a sanctuary. 

Lisa Adams is a closet designer with LA Closet Designs. Her biggest challenge in transforming Matt’s closet into a man’s space was the area’s many angles. She came to a conclusion that overall, men and women are typically after the same thing. The closet shapes and amenities they choose are similar.  

But, in the end, women seem to want an incredible storage space. Men tend to want a clutter-free space they can use as a personal retreat away from the rest of the world. 

New Closet Trend for Men: The Mini Man Cave 

Transforming closets of all sizes and angles to mini man caves is the new trend. Closet designers are working every day to transform these little spaces into dream rooms for men.  

This trend is embraced because now they have what they really need when it comes to closets. More of them are cleaning out their closets to get hold of the dream space. 

It is a similar experience for men living in homes that are cluttered. It’s just too stressful on them having to share such a small, cluttered space with their significant others. This has made their closets become their own asylums. They are places where they feel they are at home…. neat spaces of their own to serve as their little man caves. 

Transforming a Closet into a Mini Man Cave 

Large walk-in closets are the preferable sizes for small man caves. Some men will create their closets to become cozy reading nooks, while others will make spaces for hiding their cherished belongings.  

Space is not a big issue because closet designers can transform even the tiniest of the spaces into sanctuary areas. 

Upgrade Your San Antonio Closet to a Mini Man Cave 

A man’s closet should be a calm space where you can refresh your thoughts and unwind. Including a window in your closet looking out at a spectacular view would be amazing.  his favorite view.  

Matt Rutler’s closet space includes his favorite view. He enjoys looking at the trees out the window with a nearby little fountain where he can hear the sound of the water. This means no sharing his closet space, or man cave time, with his fiancé Christina Aguilera.  

Ready to transform your San Antonio closet into a man cave? Well, Closet Connection is San Antonio homeowners’ premiere choice for closet designs. Contact Closet Connection today to schedule your free closet design consultation.  

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