shutterstock_595933217Large closets have been increasing growing in popularity. However, since storage and space are so vital these days, it’s important to make sure your walk-in closet is fully-functional. That’s why many homeowners are creatively utilizing empty space within theirs, to create storage-friendly, functional closets in 2017, also known as boutique closets.

2017 Home Builder Trends & Boutique Closets

What is a boutique closet? It’s simply one that gives you a feeling of shopping in an exclusive, glamorous boutique, versus standing in a walk-in closet at home. The demand for these large closet systems is increasing, causing both closet designers and new home builders to take notice.

Now, the two industries have started collaborating to incorporate more functional closet options. More and more walk-in closets in new homes now come with built-in chaise lounges or center islands. Homeowners are asking for large closets, that serve as multi-purpose rooms where they can actually enjoy spending time.

This has led to home builders leaving large patches of empty space in walk-in closets. That way, homeowners can use their own creativity when adding custom-made, multitudes of organizing systems. The more space you use in your closet, the more functional the closet.

Closet drawers are also growing in popularity for people wanting more functional closets. These allow you to literally put things away, instead of displaying them, such as jewelry. The more cluttered the closet looks, the less it takes on the functionality of a boutique closet.

Sitting areas, slanted shelves for storing shoes, racks for ties and belts and ironing and folding tables also add functionality to the room. People are also adding track lighting, desks and bookshelves to create home offices and libraries.

Adding Beauty to Your Boutique Closet in 2017

Now that your boutique closet is functional, it needs some beauty and style. Your home is a major investment, and of course, you want to make sure your investment looks as if the owner truly cares for it. That’s why new home builders are starting to add embellishments that many homeowners have had to add later.

Some of the embellishments increasing in popularity are decorated onlays, moldings and glass doors in walk-in closets. Adding these touches will make your large closet feel more like a fancy boutique. And, if you want that glamorous feel in your walk-in closet, add some LED lighting for a star-studded feel.

Closet trend experts don’t expect the growing trend of boutique closets to die down anytime soon. These multi-functional areas help people feel good about themselves. If your walk-in closet is too simple to be functional, that can change with a custom-designed walk-in closet system from Closet Connection of San Antonio, TX. Contact Closet Connection for your free closet design quote today.


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