shutterstock_299606846Finding space to organize your shoes so they are out of sight can be tricky. If you are tired of a messy closet or having shoes thrown all over the place, this article may be your saving grace!

  1. Shoe Cabinet

Buying a nice sized cabinet can be a great way to resolve your shoe organization problem. Cabinets are perfect for storing shoes, especially since you can just close the doors to hide them away.

  1. Under a bed skirt

Several stores sell over-the-door shoes pouch organizers that can be used to create your own design or you can simply purchase one that is already made.

  1. Put them near the ceiling

That’s right! Hang them close to the ceiling of your closet using a molding. This is great for shoes that you are going to be wearing often.

  1. Ladders are for shoes too

Use an old ladder to hang your high-heeled shoes on. You can spruce it up with a little paint and other decorations to make it look more stylish. As another bonus, you can use it to hang scarves and accessories.

  1. Shoes on the wall

Hanging molding on your walls in your closet can make for a lovely place to organize your shoes.

  1. Curtains keep it discreet

If you have a shoe rack on the wall, you can hang a nice curtain to cover it up and no one will suspect a thing.

  1. Never waist old shoe boxes

Make use of your old shoe boxes by placing your shoes in there with pictures you printed out of the actual shoe glued or hanging outside the shoebox.

  1. Hang ‘em up

Actually hang your shoes on hangers in the closet! You can design really cool hangers to place your shoes on, especially sandals and flip flops.

  1. Put them in an ottoman

Ottomans are inconspicuous and look great in your space. You can design pouches using fabric of your choose and stick it inside the ottoman with a staple gun.

  1. Throw them in a bucket

Another good space saver and a great way to keep your shoes off the floor is to use nicely painted or decorated buckets.

  1. Slide-out racks

You can buy nice slide-out racks that can house up to 16 pairs of shoes. That’s pretty amazing! Talk about a good space saver.

  1. Recycle them!

Okay, so you are not going to actually recycle them but you can but recycling bins for barely over $10 bucks at Ikea. These bins close so no one can actually see what’s in it.

  1. Shoes in a crate

Tuck your shoes away in rolling crates. If you have a place you can put the crates in or under this could be an easy, inexpensive option.

Now you have a few cool, creative options for shoe storage. No more mess and now your shoes can be out of plain sight.

Now you have a few cool, creative ways to neatly tuck your shoes awa


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