shutterstock_203365204 (1)Do you live in a small apartment, or historical house, with very little closet space?  If so, then you’ve probably started to realize that a small closet space calls for creative storage that uses every nook and cranny of that coveted real estate.


If you are short on closet space, read these ten space-saving techniques that are sure to make your closet feel bigger!


  1. Add an Extender Rod


Especially if you’re dealing with a taller closet, one of the most effective ways of adding space is by adding an additional extender rod to hang extra clothes on.


  1. Use Shelf Dividers


Organize clothing on shelves more efficiently by utilizing shelf dividers. They are not only useful in keeping stacks of clothing in place, but they also help keep purses upright, as well.


  1. Use Under Shelf Baskets


Don’t just store your stuff atop shelves. Use the space under shelves, as well, with under shelf baskets. These are perfect for storing accessories like scarves, gloves, knit caps, wallets, shoes and so much more.


  1. Use Hooks to Hang Things


If you seek any free space in your closet, especially when it comes to the ceiling of it, you’ll want to add a hook. You can use these hooks to hang anything with a strap like a purse, belt, clothes with those pesky hanging fabric on the interior part of the shoulder, or jewelry.


  1. Use On-the-Door Racks


Make use of door space by adding a towel-type rod, or hanging shoe rack, or combine the two for dual functionality.


  1. Stack Your Shoes


Whether you choose to use a small stacking shelf to store your shoes or small plastic storage containers, using floor space in your closet to organize your shoes is a particularly good idea.  It helps keep your shoes together as a pair, rather than having to dig through a pile of shoes to find the pair you want.


If using plastic containers to store your shoes, you might want to take a picture of them and affix it to the outside of the box for ease in finding what you’re looking for more quickly.


  1. Store Seasonal Clothing in Suitcases


When your suitcases are not in use, they might serve as the perfect storage container for seasonal clothing items. Your suitcases can be stored on upper shelves within closets or hung by the handles.


  1. Consider Using Perpendicular Rods in Narrow Spaces


If your closet has some depth, you might consider not only using rods in the longer horizontal spaces of your closet but also in the narrow perpendicular ones as well.



  1. Add Pre-Fab Shelving, Coupled with Tension Rods


Purchase some tension rods (either in the shower curtain rod, or closet section of the store) and place them on either side of a low cost, MDF-type bookshelf for added organization and hanging space.


  1. Use Vacuum Sealed Bags for Bulky Items


For bulky jackets and other occasional clothing items, consider using vacuum bags to stow clothing items in during the off-season. These will make your different items take up a fraction of the space. They are easily stored in a suitcase, or plastic storage container either under your bed, in a small corner of your closet, or under your dresser.


If you follow these simple steps for maximizing your space in your closet, you might just start wondering if you moved to a new house, with all the new found space.

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